ORDER UP, people! Serving up a new anthology GIVEAWAY!

AND! Your winners are!
Liz D, eelojnil, Ann, grace, and judym22!


Well, hello DAHLINGS!

This might just be your luckiest Friday the 13th EV-AH!

R.G. Emanuelle and I are serving up our latest, Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica, and OMG STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING GRAB THE POPCORN SETTLE IN FOR HAPPY FUN TIMES because we are giving EBOOK copies of it away BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN BUY IT.

I am so not kidding. Not even in the least. FIVE WHOLE EBOOKS.

So for you old hands, you know how it works. But if you’re new to the crew here, well, to get in on the goodness, by golly, just post a comment below. Make sure you provide your email address in the comment fill-out form, but DON’T post it in the comment body. We’re trying to save you from the creepy spambots running rampant and roughshod all over the interweb thingie.

The merry elves will throw the names in an old footlocker/boot/fishbowl/ shoebox/recycled Jack Daniel’s barrel and draw the winners Monday at 10 PM EST US time! (here’s your world clock dealie to help you figure out when you are.)


So what’s on this menu, you ask?

Let’s go see!

Join Chef R.G. Emanuelle and sous chef Andi Marquette as they return to the kitchen to cook up another menu in their continuing quest to explore the sensuous qualities of food and illustrate how the act of preparing and eating it can engage much more than simply taste and smell. Food can become many things, from a gateway to greater intimacy to the creation or rediscovery of a connection. To help them in their quest, Andi and R.G. rounded up another group of cooks who created an array of dishes and meals, which they present to you here in a menu that ranges from sweet and romantic to sultry and seductive, from a relationship’s first tentative taste to the many layers of one that has simmered long and slow.

Each story also ends with a recipe. Some require cooking implements while others are whimsical accompaniments that don’t require cooking at all—at least not in the traditional sense. After all, food serves as more than sustenance—it’s a trigger for love, laughter, sex, pleasure, and carnal and sensory satisfaction. Whatever your palate prefers, you’re sure to find something tasty here.

Here is the TABLE OF CONTENTS. Authors included: Jaye Markham, Cheyenne Blue, N.R. Dunham, Marie Sterling, Andi Marquette, Brey Willows, Lea Daley, Liz McMullen, Rebekah Weatherspoon, Emma Weimann, R.G. Emanuelle, Cheri Crystal, CK Combs, Jove Belle, and Pascal Scott.

Well, that just seems delectable, yes? So grab a table and put in your orders.


Leave a comment and happy Friday!



  1. You’re making me hungry. 😉 please add me to the draw. I loved All You Can Eat. I am looking forward to another mouth (and other places) watering anthology.

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  2. I’d been waiting to read this since I saw it because of the All You Can Eat anthology. I love the recipes they include at the end and the table of contents were hella cute. Also just recently read Emma Weimann’s Heart’s Surrender so I kinda wanna read more stuff by her. =)

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