Village Life Then and Now: A Holding Post

On Saturday morning, I was out and about searching for signs of the drowned village of Ashopton. The village itself is deep beneath the waters, but I hoped to spot something around the edge of the reservoir that would match with my old photographs. Unfortunately the rest of the weekend has seen me beset with car problems (a broken fan-belt on Saturday evening, which resulted in Sunday mainly taken up by getting the car home and back into the garage to await delivery of replacement parts).

So this month, all I can do is tease you with two photos taken from almost the same spot, around 100 years apart. Next month I should have managed to match my new findings to the old photos and maps in order to pinpoint where everything was located.

Ladybower 140516 (11)
Ladybower Reservoir viewed from the viaduct in 2016
Ashopton from Viaduct Location
Ashopton Village before the waters came, viewed from almost the same spot


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