Have a Bite Giveaway!

At long last, Have a Bite, the first book in my novella series, The Vampires of Brooklyn Have a Bite by R.G. EmanuelleChronicles, is out! And to celebrate, I’m giving away one print copy and one ebook copy. Just a leave a comment below. You can comment until midnight of May 26 EST, and I’ll choose two winners at random. I’ll notify the winners on Friday, May 27.

If you didn’t catch it in one of my previous posts, the synopsis is below. I hope it intrigues you enough to check it out.

And here’s some ambient music to get into the mood. Thanks for reading! Not every song will be to your liking (probably), but the playlist is eclectic enough that I think you’ll find a song or two that you’ll enjoy.



The world of vampires is, by nature, one of darkness, secrecy, and covertness. Vampires are invincible. No one can hurt them. Except vampire hunters.

Delphine Bouchard is a celebrity chef and owner of a world-renowned restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, where the chic and bespoke crowd mingle with neighborhood denizens. She enjoys fame, money, and women, and lives life by her own rules. She also happens to be a vampire.

Del’s life and the local vampire community are rocked when a vampire hunter begins picking them off, and Del has reason to believe that she might be next. Del is also being watched and criticized by the vampire hive council and persecuted by a coven of witches, who are the enforcers of behavior for the supernatural set. In the midst of all this turmoil, Del meets and unexpectedly falls hard for Jocelyn, who she soon discovers is holding back a disturbing secret. Del must decide whether or not to put aside her feelings of betrayal and pursue the relationship.

Meanwhile, when a food critic with a grudge sets out to ruin her business and reputation, Del has to protect her staff and restaurant. But the situation spirals out of control when a human shows up dead, her restaurant is sabotaged, and Jocelyn is threatened. Del must save her business, protect her loved ones, and find out who the vampire killer is before she is the next victim.

Set against a backdrop of elaborate meals and passionate cooking, Have a Bite is book one in the novella series The Vampires of Brooklyn Chronicles. The world of vampires and hunters meets the world of restaurants, foodies, and celebrity chefs—a recipe for paranormal mystery seasoned with suspense, peppered with romance, and flavored with a dash of humor.



  1. I’m a little afraid of vampire books – I don’t like them too scary, bringing nightmares…


  2. I love your playlist!!! I’d love to win a free book. Brooklyn is one of my favorite places ever and who doesn’t love Vampires? *crosses my fingers*

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