My Superpower by Barbara Ann Wright

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My Superpower by Barbara Ann Wright

Paladins of the Storm Lord 300 DPII’ve always wanted superpowers. I mean, who hasn’t, right? Even the chance that we might be ostracized by the public or dissected by the government hasn’t stopped any of us from wishing we could go invisible at will or punch our way through a wall. I always wanted to fly, just for the sheer joy and freedom of it. But if we were all handed extraordinary abilities, and they were all unique, there wouldn’t be enough cool ones to go around. Some people would be super fast or super smart, and some would be granted the awesome ability to taste any soup and tell you exactly what’s in it. Some would be able to make a room smell nice or always know the way to an IKEA. I can’t help but feel like I’d be in the useless power category.

My newest book, Paladins of the Storm Lord, features characters with extraordinary mind powers. People are tested for mental strength and acuity, and if they pass, they undergo training and eventually develop a superpower, only no one knows what it will be until it arrives. I’ve limited the choices to telepathy (the ability to read minds or project thoughts), psychokinesis (the ability to move objects with your mind), pyrokinesis (the ability to create and control fire), electrokinesis (the ability to create and manipulate charged particles), and prophecy (the ability to see the future.)

Within these categories, there are differing strengths and focuses. Most of the speaking characters fall into stronger categories, but it left me wondering what happens to those who aren’t quite up to snuff. The telepaths who are so weak they can only read loud, angry thoughts. The psychokinetics who can only lift something as heavy as a pencil but don’t have the finesse to manipulate anything smaller than said pencil. (Though if you dropped your pencil and couldn’t reach it, that last one would be handy to have around.)

But who wants to read about those people? There aren’t many stories about the people with just a little something extra unless it’s in a comedy setting, a short story about the B Team. If you were one of them, it would almost be better to have no special powers at all. Then at least people would stop asking what your power was. They’d stop getting that exciting look that quickly turns to crestfallen when you show them your floating pencil trick. If you had no powers, you could at least join the various groups that probably get together to talk shit about those WITH superpowers.

Super BarbieThat made me think that it’s probably best that I don’t have superpowers. Regular folks have to focus extra hard on regular powers, like kindness or affection for your fellow humans or the ability to always get to the bank before it closes. Maybe the ability to clean the entire house without bursting into tears…more than once or twice. And my sense of direction is already pretty good, and I own a lot of scented candles that can make a room smell better. I’m hopeless about soup, though.

But you can still live vicariously through the characters in Paladins of the Storm Lord. Better all around, I feel. Leave the adventuring to those in the books. That way, you don’t have to walk too far, getting dirty and probably sticky. You don’t have to pee outside or sleep on the ground, and you don’t have to worry about people with extraordinary powers reading your loud, angry thoughts or stealing your pencils. And no one dissects you. Probably.

BarbaraAnnWright (459x640)Barbara Ann Wright’s fantasy series, The Pyradisté Adventures, has won Rainbow Awards and made recommended reading lists. Paladins of the Storm Lord is first in a new sci-fi series, and her comedic fantasy, Coils, comes out in September. She’d love to hear from you at her blog. She also makes hilarious Barbie videos for you to enjoy.


  1. I always thought it would be cool to have super powers too but after reading your blog I am now convinced that it is hard enough to be a good human being. If I did have super powers I would be able to fly though.

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    • Flying would be wonderful, and if anyone came to dissect you, you could at least fly away. I’d probably run into an Amazon drone on my first try and fall to my death.


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