Order Up Blog Tour!

HI, everybody! So, as Jove and I were talking about on our most recent podcast at the Lesbian Review Site, all the authors of the recently released anthology Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance & Erotica (Ylva Publishing) are doing a blog tour! They’ll be telling you a bit about the story behind their stories in the anthology. It’s gonna run June 6-24th (excluding weekends) on a variety of blogs.


Here’s the table of contents for all of this delicious-ness!

There’ll be some giveaways, excerpts, happy fun times! What’s not to love? So come on by! Here’s the schedule and links, to give you some idea of where people are going to be.

June 6: Andi Marquette, blogging at her site (The Situation Room).
HEY! Andi’s giving books away TODAY! MONDAY THE 6TH AT HER SITE! GO SEE!
June 7: Jove Belle, blogging at her site.
June 8: Cheyenne Blue, blogging at her site.
June 9: Brey Willows, blogging at her site.
June 10: Lea Daley, blogging at R.G. Emanuelle’s site.

June 13: Cheri Crystal, blogging at Andi Marquette’s site.
June 14: CK Combs, blogging at Butchtastic.net.
June 15: Liz McMullen, blogging at her site.
June 16: Marie Sterling, blogging at R.G. Emanuelle‘s site.
June 17: Rebekah Weatherspoon, blogging at her site.

June 20: Jaye Markham, blogging at Andi Marquette‘s site.
June 21: Emma Weimann, at Andi Marquette‘s site
June 22: N.R. Dunham, blogging at her site.
June 23: Pascal Scott, at R.G. Emanuelle‘s site.
June 24: R.G. Emanuelle, blogging at her site.

Because food, my friends, can be the spice of life. Hope you join us!