Me and My Boi! Blog Tour Launch! (plus a FREE e-book!)

Check it out! Sacchi Green, editor extraordinaire, is here to kickoff the blog tour for Me and My Boi, an anthology from Cleis Press and edited by Sacchi. As part of the tour, Sacchi is giving away an e-book here at Women and Words. Drop a comment in the space below and we’ll draw a winner on the 22nd of June! Good luck!
Me and My Boi Cover

Me and My Boi: Queer Erotic Stories
Edited by Sacchi Green for Cleis Press

Oh, Me and My Boi, it feels like we’ve been swimming upstream together forever! It’s actually been somewhat less than three years since anthology proposal was accepted, with some tweaking of the title. I don’t even remember my original proposed title, except that it had the term “butch” in it. I was told that the young staff in the publisher’s office insisted that nobody used that term any more, and everybody said “boi,” so even though I knew my old-guard friends still proudly said “butch,” and that “boi” by no means denotes the same concept, I had no choice but to concede the point. Still, the title has kind of grown on me in the two years since I turned in the manuscript, and after all the inevitable delays and complications that went with the publisher preparing to retire and sell the business, and the new owner sorting things out, here we are! We have a book! And it’s well worth the wait.

As I say in my introduction, this book is a celebration of all things boi, butch, masculine-of-center, in those who include lesbian as a part of their identities. These are stories of people we love, and people we are, who put their own personal spins on the gender spectrum. Bois who like girls, bois who like bois, bois who like both; those who don’t label themselves boi or butch at all but can’t stand to wear a skirt; screw-the-binary free spirits of many flavors. Cool bois, hot bois, swaggering bois, shy bois, leather bois, flannel bois, butch daddies, and the femmes and mommas and tops and bottoms and even girls next door who wouldn’t have them any other way.

Writers always blow me away with the variety in their stories, and the twenty here are no exception. Some are from a boi’s point of view, some from a femme’s, some from a seasoned butch’s. Some deal with youthful self-discovery and others with finding your inner butch later in life. The settings range from a charming English garden and an equally charming (if greasy) English car-repair garage, to a racing sailboat, to quiet forests and rushing cities and dimly-lit bedrooms where the rest of the world might as well not exist. A couple of pieces take us back through time to a Regency drawing room and an old-school, pre-Stonewall lesbian blue collar bar, but most could be taking place just yesterday, or today, or tomorrow.

And, of course, all these stories give us a charge of steamy, explicit sex that develops naturally out of all the elements in the story. The action may be kinky, or hard-edged, or sweet, or passionately emotional—or even blends of those that you wouldn’t have thought possible—but whatever turns you on, or cuts deep, or sparks your wildest fantasies, if these writers don’t push the buttons you already have, maybe they’ll hook you up with some new ones. Gender has no boundaries, and neither does lust.

The writers have been heroically patient all this time. It’s been so long that some didn’t remember what pseudonym they had used, and one, at least, couldn’t remember which story out of the many she’s written is in this book. I won’t say who, but maybe this is as good a time as ever to mention that our own Jove Belle has a lovely piece in the anthology.

If you’d like to know more about the stories and the writers themselves, we’ll be doing a blog tour from June 12th to July 1st, and anyone who comments on any of the blog posts is entered into a drawing for a free copy of the book. I’m also doing a drawing for a second copy for commenters here on Women and Words up through June 22nd, so that makes two chances of winning.

The Me and My Boi Blog Tour begins with me, at , I’ll be saying pretty much what I’ve said here, but with a bit of an excerpt from my own story, and a list of the links and dates for all the others. Hint: Jove’s blog post is on June 16th. Don’t miss it.

Tour Schedule

June 12—Sacchi Green—
June 13—Annabeth Leong–
June 14—Anna Watson—
June 15—Sinclair Sexsmith–
June 16—Jove Belle–
June 17—Tamsin Flowers–
June 18—Victoria Villasenor—
June 19—J, Caladine—
June 20—Victoria Janssen–
June 21—Dena Hankins–
June 22—D. Orchid—
June 23—Pavini Moray–
June 24—Melissa Mayhew—
June 25—Jen Cross—
June 26—Kyle Jones–
June 27—Gigi Frost–
June 28—Aimee Hermann—
June 29—Sommer Marsden—
June 30—Axa Lee—
July 1— Kathleen Bradean—

Sacchi Green is a writer and editor of erotica and other stimulating genres. Her stories have appeared in scores of publications, including eight volumes of Best Lesbian Erotica, four of Best Women’s Erotica, and four of Best Lesbian Romance. In recent years she’s taken to wielding the editorial whip, editing twelve lesbian erotica anthologies, including Lambda Award winners Lesbian Cowboys and Wild Girls, Wild Nights from Cleis Press, as well as Best Lesbian Erotica 20th Anniversary Edition. Sacchi lives in the Five College area of western Massachusetts with occasional forays out into the real world, and can be found online at and Facebook.








  1. As someone who is an Old Guard Sir, I am really looking forward to reading this. I earned my leathers twice, was in service as a boi twice and still abide by the code. Congratulations on this work.!

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  2. Fantastic…I’ve been waiting for this book to be published! What a great line up. Count me in please 🙂 Thanks


  3. Any anthology edited by Sacchi is a no brainer. It. Will. Be. Awesome. Please count me in the draw… I would love to read this (and the option of receiving the ebook should I be lucky enough to win) is the clincher.


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