Get Off Your Couch Healthy Brain Contest by Angela Grace ($25 Prize!)

Angela Grace is here again and this time she’s giving away money! Keep reading for details!

$25 Prize!

Get Off Your Couch Healthy Brain Contest by Angela Grace

About 8 years ago, my Wife asked me if I had a few minutes for a conversation because, she had “an idea …”

Angela Grace: What do you mean? … You want to get rid of our bed?

Wife: Not exactly. I want to keep the mattress. I just want to get rid of the bed frame and put the mattress right on the floor. That way, we have to do a squat to get out of bed every time.

Angela Grace: Huh? You’re telling me you want me to exercise just to get out of bed?

Wife: Right! See, if we put some squats into our routine, we’ll get into better shape.

Angela Grace: You want me to do squats at bedtime?

Wife: It’s more like every time you get up. And, if you have to go to the bathroom during the night, bonus!  Yep. It’ll make you a better writer, really, I promise.

Angela Grace: … Reallllly? … Well … okay, honey.  I love you.

So, out went the bed frame, and in came morning and naptime squats.

Then, about 7 years ago, she had another  “idea …”

Angela Grace: What do you mean? … You want to get rid of the couch?

Wife: Yep. I read this great book, The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, and it’s about lessons he learned while traveling around the world: how to live longer and healthier.

Angela Grace: He told you to get rid of our couch?

Wife: Not exactly. See, some cultures live healthier because each day they do a little something that compels them to exercise … to get up. I thought that if we get rid of the couch, and have to get up from the floor every time we want to get up, it would help us get into better shape.

Angela Grace: But it’s my couch.

Wife: I know, Punkinears, but I love you and want us to be as healthy as we can.

Angela Grace: But it’s my couch … Well … okay, honey. I love you.

So, out went the couch, and in came … nothing. We sit on the floor, on what amounts to Girl Scout sit-upons.

My Wife (and tons of reliable research) has convinced me that being physically fit and getting outside in nature will keep my body and mind healthy. In the long run, we all face the possibility of devastation from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or another type of Neurocognitive Disorder. But, in the present, writers face moments where the creativity is not there – sometimes, long moments. Being physically fit is part of the solution. Since my Wife knows this, I rarely mention that I’m having a moment of writer’s block. Otherwise, I’m squatting.

What are your ideas for fitness that keep your writer’s brain healthy?  What has worked for you? This month, we are offering a $25.00 prize for the best, funniest, and most effective Get Off Your Couch (if you still have one) Health Tip. Here are the rules:

  1. Write in the comments section of this blog your health and fitness advice for a healthy writer’s brain.
  2. My Wife and I will decide which is the best, funniest and most effective. If we can’t decide, we will ask Jove Belle to make the final decision.
  3. We’ll send a $25 gift card to the creative winner and post their winning answer in next month’s blog.

Wife: Honey, I got an idea …

Angela Grace: We’re keeping the dining room table.

Angela Grace
Board Certified Life Coach



  1. I’m a strong believer in digging your toes into the dirt and wriggling them around. I consider it ‘grounding’ myself in nature, and while it is very good for the head and heart, it doesn’t do too much for the inner writer straining to create. So I switch things up by gardening, except that I just HATE weeding, which means the flowers fight with the odd looking things I try to convince people are volunteer lettuce springing up between them. Enter the hula hoe (and yes, it is actually called that although there are no knees or grass skirts swaying) and swinging from the shoulder. I end up with a hacked up rose garden, sore shoulders, and a wife who views the suspect salad on her plate with the evil eye. By the time I peel off the gardening gloves I’ve worn for hours, I might as well have dug my fingers in the dirt, because it apparently works its way into the gloves when I’m not looking. BUT – when nibbling my nails (instead of the salad, it really is rank), the dirt finally finds its way inside me, and ignites the spark to set words to paper. And it’s not bad as roughage, either.


  2. That is an easy question…It is ALL about balance!!! For instance, I drink water or a zero calorie drink with my left hand and alternate eating Milky Way candy bars with my right hand! I like to take a walk…to the donut shop, but I select the apple filled donut because it has fruit!!! I try to eat from the four food groups…that is why pizza is such a great choice!!! See, it is all about balance! ✌️😳😎


    • Also, I read A LOT, ALL THE TIME😛 I’m also on Level 738 in Candy Crush so that keeps the brain actively engaged😜 To keep my brain healthy, I take time to sit outside and view nature…relax, recharge, and think about how many Milky Way candy bars I can buy with $25.00…just saying!!!😆


  3. Get one of those balance discs to put in front of the kitchen sink, and absolutely an exercise bike that powers the TV. But only if the TV is for research, of course. What all people, writers included, really need is a strong core, so perhaps some sort of sit-up machine would be better to generate power–and tighten our abs! And of course we are overdue to get rid of the car so we will all walk more. Walking being an excellent way to solve writing problems. We could stop using the heater and just start chopping our own wood for the fireplace. Actually shivering is good for you anyway.


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