I’ve decided to go the safe route when titling my blog. Those of you who know me or read several of my blogs, do  know it’s apt – because half the time (ok, truth – more) I don’t know where I’ll end up in the process 🙂

many road signs

However, I do know  this isn’t in any way going to resemble a poor me, Macy ran away blog, and I have a creative block, blah, blah. We are well through this now!

*Cue Jim Morrison and Break on Through…  (you’re welcome!)

breaking thru brick wall

I want to take the time to thank ya’ll for being patient with me and reading virtually the same blog every month with new pictures. Now that’s dedication!  Or probably the reason why my views went down dramatically.  I prefer the first option. 🙂

See? I’m doing it already…  Focus.

Truth is, after I signed with Sapphire Books, I lit a fire under myself and got busy.

The secret is to actually KEEP busy!  That was made so much easier by an author friend who reached out to me. The phone calls started after that – and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her and the super positive results that followed.  After I got going, the book started flowing. I liken this to the image of a carpet being unrolled in the air and snapped before putting it on the floor. Only it’s a story wrapped up – and not Cleopatra – ha-ha!

carpet ride

This is the original blurb written .

Aislin O’Shea wasn’t looking for a relationship, she was still healing from the last. She certainly wasn’t attracted to fancy pants executive, Ms. Whitman – she wasn’t her type. Stellar career, wealth, exclusive social circle, models vying for her attention: Zane Whitman had it all. Impulsive, free spirited Aislin was not her type. Two women from the opposite side of the tracks. Neither one knows the train is coming.

Wait for it.

Since I’ve written that, I added another twist to the plot. That came when I was in the hospital this last time. Just popped into my head – just the way I like it!

plot twist

So this began to unfold…

My awesome wife was tickled pink because she could hear the keys tapping loudly. I love the snapping sound they make when I’m confident. I would find her peeking around the door with a secret smile on her face before she tells me she missed the sound.

I fell back in love with my characters, Aislin and Zane (Named by her grandfather, a dedicated Zane Grey fan. Her twin brother, Louis, was inspired by his other favorite western author, Louis L’amore).

I’m excited to come into the office after my coffee and watch them grow, or not. Missed opportunities, misunderstandings, and baggage from the past that comes up to bite them in the fanny! What shenanigans will Aislin be up to today?

Oh, and of course, invite them to dinner and talk about them as if they were visiting last night.

warning writers to their own world

At first Sandy was confused when I shared juicy details about Zane and Aislin. It had been a  long time since I have, but being the Saint she is, she caught up quick.  If other people are around they assume I’m gossiping about real people. This is an additional bonus that cracks me up and yet another reason I love my job.

I guess the point is – when I put in the time, great things happen, and I turn on the universal energy which in turn – creates more desire to write. Makes sense to me.

And of course, since I’ve told you I’d be distracted and all over the place, hence the title Smorgasbord. I’ve kept on topic this blog.

What are the odds? 🙂


Oops, knew I’d forget something. I also have another project in the works… But – can’t share it yet…  IHave an AWESOME Monday!

Oh, and I’ll leave you with this for the day!

look inside girl

And you’re welcome yet again!



  1. Just have to say I think you and Sandy are both awesome!😉😉 so glad Macy (and you) are back. Go ahead and talk about Aislin and Zane like they’re real people cause to you they are. And they will be to your readers too. Remember 😊, people have talked about soap characters like real people for the last 50 or 75 years. Keep writing and I along with many others will keep reading.

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