Freaky Friday

Hey, everybody!

Bunches of you are already on the road (in the air/taking a train/hitching a ride) to Virginia for the Golden Crown Literary Society conference, which launches NEXT WEEK, darlings. Wednesday the 6th. Holy moly rock n’ rolly!

I’m one of those soon to be making my way there, but OMG WTF trying to get organized is a major pain in the butt. OUTFITS. WHAT DO I WEAR? ARGH! I tend to be business casual at events like this (I get a little fancier at the awards ceremony), and HORRORS I can’t wear the same outfit twice! WTF! So this involves planning, friends. Clothes for tons of different occasions (hot outside, cold in the hotel). I’m doing some panels and there are some dinners to attend and some chats to have and…WHAT DO I WEAR, PEOPLE?

And then there’s the swag to pack. And all the assorted other doo-dads that have to go to a conference.


So I’m a little scattered right now and I asked fellow Women and Wordster and editor R.G. Emanuelle what I should blog about and she was all, “just write a few paragraphs of ‘All work and no play makes Andi a dull girl’ and everybody will know exactly what that’s about.”
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.08.53 PM

Redrum, y’all.

Oh, lordie. I might need a vacation.

Anyhoo, Jove Belle is also on the road, doing an epic road trip from one end of the country to the other (Go, JOVE!), and we’re going to meet up at the GCLS and go crazy working various tables (including, of course, Women and Words). If you’re around, come on by and hang out with us! We’ve got some SWAG and some other fun stuff.

Along those lines, Women and Words might be a little quiet next week. Don’t freak out. It’s just us. At the conference. Where things are crazy busy. 🙂 We’ll try to post some photos so you, too, can share in the crazy. And you can check the following Twitter feeds (of the Women and Wordsters) if you’re so inclined:

Or go on Facebook and find us there:
Andi Marquette
R.G. Emanuelle
Jove Belle

There’ll be a lot of posting on Facebook about GCLS from various authors, so you’re sure to find a feed that will give you some photos and updates. 😀

So if you can’t be there in person, well, you can be there in spirit.

Here in the States, it’s a long weekend, commemorating Independence Day. Be careful out there, those of you who are traveling or barbecuing or visiting museums or family or whatever you’re doing.

For our friends around the world, hope your weekend is safe and fun.

And HERE! A few songs to help with the fun:

Here’s the list, because this playlist changes frequently:
Broods, “We Had Everything”
REYNA, “Ink on My Skin”
The Him, Gia Koka, “Don’t Leave Without Me”
Totemo, “SeeSaw”

If you’re interested in other playlists I have, find me on Spotify (AndiMarquette).

Happy Friday, all!



  1. seriously bummed that we will not be at GCLS, but fear not – we shall return. I hope you have a great time. Remember to sneak away for those quiet breaks and fuel up for the awesomeness that is GCLS Safe travels my friend.


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