Happy Friday from GCLS!

Greetings, Earthlings!

We are LIVE at the GCLS! Well, I mean, in terms of this blog, not so live because you’re getting this after I was posting it live-ly. But rest assured we are indeed onsite in Alexandria, Virginia (Washington DC are [for you 100 fans such as myself, Tondc]).

So it’s been a whirlwind couple of days thus far. Jove and I just finished a panel on women of color in lesfic with Jewelle Gomez, fellow WaW blogster and author Renée Bess, and author R.J. Samuel. Our moderator was author Dillon Watson. Great conversation, and very respectful and one that clearly people want to have. Sounds like we’ll be having more of these conversations, now, and that is always a good thing.

Yesterday I did a panel on editing with fellow authors and Women and Wordster R.G. Emanuelle and before that, I moderated a panel on cover images and what they say about women. So we’ve been doing some cool things, people.

Here’s the link to the schedule, friends!

And we’ve been hard at work at the Women and Words table as well as the tables for Ylva Publishing and Curve (full disclosure: I’m an Ylva author, as is Jove, and she’s also the US marketing person for Ylva).

And now some photos. Not of people, but of vendor tables to give you a sense of what’s up. Oh, and some of the touristy sites. 🙂

Bella Books table! They're selling for Bella, but also other publishers.
Bella Books table! They’re selling for Bella, but also other publishers.



OH, look. Your friendly neighborhood Women and Words table!

AW, yeahhhhh...
AW, yeahhhhh…

Legacies of Lesbian Literature. This is a new project launching, and there’s a Crowdrise project for it. Here’s some info from that site:

The Legacies of Lesbian Literature project will culminate in a comprehensive documentary that examines the history of lesbian literature and how society at large influenced key authors’ works and how their works in turn influenced the genre and also society.

Documentation of the history of lesbian literature has not been done in any similar format to date. Recognition of the significance of lesbian writing, and of its impact on so many lives, as well as society’s views of homosexuality, needs to be documented and expressed.

The initial focus of the Legacies of Lesbian Literature project is on the development of lesbian fiction from the 1920s through current times. The project has been divided into three phases for funding purposes.

Hit the link to see the phases. Very excited about this.


Speaking of history…

This is the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial, which is modeled after a Greek-style temple.

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

The Vietnam War Memorial, designed by Maya Lin. This is a wall of stone set into the ground, so you walk down until you’re below ground level on one side, surrounded by thousands and thousands of names. And the stone is highly polished, so you see yourself reflected behind the names. It’s incredibly moving.

Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial

Women’s Vietnam War Memorial. This was done by Glenna Goodacre. The thing I love about this statue is you walk all the way around, and you see a different perspective, but it’s always a unified whole. Love it.


ART SHOT! The Washington Monument!


So there you go! Some happy fun times from GCLS and the DC area!

Happy Friday!



  1. It was good to see you at GCLS. You “McGyvered” the falling off basket on my scooter, for which I’m super-grateful, and I got to help
    present the Historical Fiction Goldie with you and Georgia Beers(If you’re around long enough, they will put you to work).
    I hope to see you next year in Chicago.


  2. […] WEDNESDAY: R.G. and I helped set up the Ylva Publishing, Curve Magazine, and Women and Words tables in the vendors’ room. This layout diagram will show you where we were, and the special relationship we had with the giant column around which our 3 tables were placed. I took some photos of the vendors’ room and posted them last week. See here. […]


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