On Your Marks, Get Set, GO: AWARDS and New Stuff (Plus **TWO**Book Giveaways!)

WINNERS UPDATE! Congrats to Samantha and Tena! Thanks to the random number generator, you’re my two winners. Look for an email in your inbox 🙂 

Quick Update! (I wrote this before the con and set it to auto post in case I had a brain meltdown and forgot to blog again!) The Golden Crown Literary Society Annual Con is over! People have been hugged and stories have been exchanged. Awards have been won, and dancing occurred. I want to congratulate all the winners, and if you click here you can see who they are! I’m really excited to let you know the anthology Lori L. Lake and I put together thanks to thirteen incredible authors won a Goldie for Anthology Fiction! You can check out Lesbians on the Loose, Crime Writers on the Lam here. To that end, I’m going to offer up a print or ebook (international ebook only!) for a lucky winner who comments below. That’s TWO free books I’m giving away, here, people!

LOTL-smallishScreen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.13.28 PM

Summer is in full swing, and the days are passing way too fast. Graduations, birthdays, and grill-outs are on the schedule, along with new books! My newest, Blood Money Murder—the 5th in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series, is now out! YAHOO! Leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing for your chance to win a FREE paperback copy! (YUP, that’s free book #2!!

blood-money-murder Bella ver 2

Secrets. It all begins with secrets. A long-held secret is about to implode with potentially catastrophic results.

It’s St. Paddy’s Day, and Shay O’Hanlon is finishing her shift at the Rabbit Hole, anticipating the grand reopening of her father’s bar, the Leprechaun. Two suspicious-looking strangers show up at the Hole demanding to speak to Eddy Quartermaine, the closest person Shay has to a mother. That visit sparks a firestorm spanning twenty-five years in a deadly mix of love gone wrong, stolen money, murder, and betrayal.

Will Shay and her sister Lisa pay the ultimate price for Eddy’s sins, or will Eddy confront her twenty-five year secret head-on before time runs out?

I’m SO freaking excited! Check out this lead-up to the book release told from Shay’s perspective on Dru’s Book Musings. Then Dru herself plowed through the book, and had these awesome words to say! Another amazing blogger I adore is Kristopher Z. of Bolo Blogs, and he found some comfort in Shay’s zany crazy, world after Orlando. Check out here. Ethan Boatner, book reviewer extraordinaire for Lavender, the Twin Cities LGBT magazine, had this to say. CHECK OUT the coolest trailer ever for Blood Money here, thanks to Bella!

If you’re so moved to check out Blood Money, it can be purchased from Bella as a print or ebook in all versions, from Amazon or B&N as a print book, and autographed hard-copy books can also be ordered from Once Upon a Crime Mystery Bookstore, my home indie book shop.

SECRET PROJECT ANTHOLOGY: Bella will release this awesome anthology at the Golden Crown Literary Society Annual Con in DC! I can’t tell you much about it except show you this teaser for the cover. You KNOW you’re gonna want it! There’s something about a Purple Monkey by me and super awesome romantic stories by so many of my fav writers!

Purple Monkey Happily Ever After Cover

And then the fun continues: I’ve also got a Shay and company short story coming out any day now in the anthology COOKED TO DEATH called Red Velvet Cake to Die For. Murder is just the icing on the cake!


Amazon Cooked to Death cover

Another new project I have coming out very soon from Ylva is Evolution of an Art Thief, book four in the Law Game Series! It’s a novella that introduces my Art Thief series, from Bella sometime in 2017, I think. Check out the cover—it’s very cool!


Amazon Evolution-of-An-Art-Thief-by-Jessie-Chandler

Projects abound and I’m so excited for them all! Have a great 4th and a fantastic July!

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing for Blood Money Murder!



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