Report: GCLS 2016

So, last week I returned from Washington, DC, where I attended the Golden Crown Literary Society’s annual conference. I was going to do a round-up or summary, but how in the hell am I supposed to top Andi Marquette’s roundup from last week?!

I can’t. So I’ll just share some photos.

Here’s the White House, as seen from across the street (the closest I could get).20160710_130519_002Here’s the Lincoln Memorial, which was awe-inspiring.IMAG3958The Washington Monument made for some spectacular art shots.washinton memorialHere are some very moving sculptures and memorials from various wars:


Korean War20160706_13285520160706_132657

Vietnam War20160706_130815Women in Vietnam Memorial20160706_131314 20160706_131243 20160706_131300

The Smithsonian Castle was like something out of a fairy tale (I apologize to those people trying to take their own pictures).20160706_144652

Here’s my tapas dinner at Bilbo Baggins in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. (That’s Andi’s arms right there.)IMAG4022

A delicious, if stuck-together, plate of tagliatelle at Virtue Feed & Grain, where the Ylva pack had a group dinner.IMAG3971

And here’s a shot of me, Andi, and Jove.No AndiAnd in the in-between-moments, when I wasn’t on a panel/reading, or watching someone else on a panel/reading, or trekking around in the heat, trying to get in as many sites as I could in the little time I had, I took a few quiet moments to sit in peaceful spots to recharge. Fortunately, there was such a spot on the hotel grounds, a little gazebo, right behind the vendors’ room, where there was a constantly fuming fountain. Late, on our last night there, I was hanging out with Andi in the gazebo and amidst the fireflies and chirping cicadas, and we heard, then spotted, a bullfrog.

20160710_201436_00220160710_194841 And there you have it. That was my trip to Washington, DC, in a nutshell. See you next time.



  1. Wonderful pics, thank you. I had other commitments this year so I couldn’t go but these brought back lots of memories. I served a couple of years or so in the area at Ft. Meade and visited D.C. often. My wife’s first visit there was when we went to get married.


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