GCLS and the Lost Speech

I write on the fourth Monday of every month, and every month, it feels as if it’s been a year since I’ve done so. Always behind the eight-ball – lagging last…

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There has been many awesome blogs about the GCLS conference from people who attended but again, here is the list of winners – Yay! congratulations to everyone 🙂 

So, all that is left for me is my original speech that my good friend Jove Belle  apparently forgot to print out!

I’m told she winged it and that she hit all the important points – eventually 🙂

And I was – in no way – not one iota – upset about it!   At least it was memorable, right?

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If you need a refresher on The Sisters of Spirits Trilogy, or The Deadening nomination specifically – hit the smiling face!  No really.



The Deadening cover copy13658910_10154155069090255_6373784274262466772_n



Original 🙂

I can’t tell you how honored I am to be included in the 2016 Paranormal Category for, The Deadening: Book Three in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy!


I’m truly sorry that I couldn’t attend this year and visit with all of you.
I could have never written the series or create Shades character without my tribe – And I LOVE my tribe!
We all know Sandy is at the top of that list for keeping me together, and having no hesitation telling me: “Shade would never say that!”
I’d like to thank Bold Strokes Books for publishing Shade’s and Raven’s story and giving a home to the entire Sisters of Spirits Trilogy.
To Shelia Powell – thank you for everything – including your beautiful friendship and the time you spent with me verifying paranormal facts and my very own pop up/pop in ghosts.


Victoria Villasenor for handling my author psychosis so gracefully.


Jove Belle – For the same, and loving Shade nearly as much as I do!
I am eternally grateful and humbled to the GCLS and members for including my book, The Deadening, in the 2016 Golden Crown Literary Awards.
And last, but most important – thank you to my loyal readers. Thanks for joining The Sisterhood of Spirits with me!


  1. I knew there was no way this award was NOT coming!! So happy for you and we’ve got a great friend in Jove B! Even though I still haven’t seen a video of what she said, Im sure it was great!

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