Days Like These

August rolled in like a bulldozer on steroids, leaving me in the dust back sometime in July. And whoosh—there goes the second Monday of the month, when this blog is due. Again! So what’s been commanding my attention, other than summer in general, of course?

I’ve been popping around town doing events for my new Bella release, the 5th in my Shay O’Hanlon Caper Series, Blood Money Murder, and getting ready for the August 17th release of a novella called Evolution of an Art Thief. It’s part of the Law Game from Ylva, and I’m thrilled to be part of this collection! It’s got some of my favorite authors: Lee Winter (Requiem for Immortals) Jove Belle (Archer Securities) Gill McKnight (Daughter of Baal) and Andi Marquette (If Looks Could Kill). Check out each of these mystery/thrillers…they are ALL stellar! This month, Ylya has a number of Mystery/Crime and Romantic Suspense novels at a reduced pride! Check it out here!

I’ve been planning on writing what I’ve called my “Art Thief” series for years, and Evolution is a prequel to the series. It introduces Mikala Flynn—better known simply as Flynn—a wounded teen who’s had a hella rough time in her young life. When we meet her in 2001, she and her grandmother are reeling from the death of father and son a year before. Evolution introduces characters who will make you think, make you laugh, and hopefully, make you keep turning the pages. The actual series will be coming from Bella, and all I need now is to nail down the details and contract. I hope you’ll check it out!



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