Gone Girl

Yep, that’s me. Between Houston Pride, GCLS, and a Bold Strokes Books retreat, I feel like I’ve spent most of late June and July on the road. I could totally relate to Jessie’s post wondering where this summer had gone. But now it’s August and I’m home for a while – no more trips planned until Women’s Week in October, and it’s time to buckle down with the manuscript du jour.

Right now, I’m working on the third book in the Lone Star Law Series, Letter of the Law. Letter of the Law 300 DPI

Here’s the synopsis:

Federal prosecutor Bianca Cruz has spent her life balancing motherhood with the call of her career. As she draws closer to making the case against the notorious Vargas brothers, danger casts dark shadows over her family. When her case leads her to a gorgeous horsewoman with a mysterious background, will she take a chance at love even if it means risking everything she’s worked her entire life to protect?

To horse breeder Jade Vargas, happy family is a fiction. Unlike her privileged half sister, she grew up knowing her heritage was rooted in darkness, yet she’s managed to live in the light despite the looming criminal enterprise ever poised to drag her down. When crisis strikes will she burrow back to her past or will her undeniable attraction to the prosecutor investigating her family pull her out of the darkness once and for all?

One of the cool things I managed to tack on to one of my trips was an excursion to a horse farm just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY, McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds. McMahon was one of four horse barns near the race track which was hosting open houses that weekend. We got to wander through the stables and hang out with the horses while super knowledgeable staff answered my endless stream of horse breeding questions all in the name of book research. I also manage to capture a few pics:




This young stud on the left is a yearling who was going up for auction the first week in August and the cuties below are a pregnant mare and her four month old foal (apparently motherhood never ends if you’re a horse).


Expect to see tidbits of what I learned in the final version of Letter of the Law which will be out in the spring of 2017.

So, that was my fun summer. What have you all been up to?



  1. Love that series, looking forward to the next installment! I traveled a bunch at the beginning of the summer and now I’m mostly caught up at work and taking a couple of classes to improve skills in my current job and in my dream job/hobby :). Although the Olympics is interfering with my homework. Or rather my desire to watch the Olympics is interfering…


  2. Can’t wait to read this book Carsen and I’m glad you got to go to the horse farm. I would have been so excited to be so close to such power that I probably would have forgotten to take any photos at all, so well done.


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