New Releases & Coming Attractions, August-September 2016

Hey, peeps!

So Jove and I had a chat about the Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions lists and it occurred to us that we were basically doing two loads of laundry when just one was needed.

What that means is we’re not going to post individual lists here on the blog anymore, but we WILL provide a blog post the 2nd or 3rd Friday of each month that tells you when we’ve put the new lists on our static page (called New Releases and Coming Up) and we’ll put the link to that page RIGHT IN THE BLOG POST OMG CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT so you can just clickie and BOOM off you go to take a gander at the new list on that page. That way, we’ll also be able to do some other new content on Fridays, too.

So here we go. The new releases for August 2016 and the coming attractions for September 2016 are posted and ready and you can go see and make your lists and bust into the savings account to buy them by CLICKING THIS LINK to our static page.

As always, if you are an author/publisher who has a book coming up, drop us a line at the contact page so we can get you included in our monthly updates. And if you’re a reader and you know this info, drop us a line! See the “Contact” button up there above the banner? Hit that. 😀


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  1. Thanks for all the months you have sent out these very useful emails. I shall miss them and the useful information.

    I don’t always have time to click to a website when reading my emails. I mark the emails knowing I can go back to them and immediately see the list without having to go through extra time inducing steps to visiting alternate sites or sources.

    Best wishes Sue

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  2. Y’know, we don’t get much traffic on the days we post the lists. That’s part of this decision. Not many people appear to be interested in the lists as we post them on the blog. And we don’t update the blog posts after a few days, so the more time passes after the blogs post, the less accurate the information is. The reality is, the static page is always the most accurate and updated source of this information, and that’s how it has been since we implemented posting these lists a couple of years ago.

    We’re going here for accuracy and time-saving and since these lists don’t seem to interest many people, we decided to utilize this approach. We do appreciate your thoughts but we hope you understand where we’re coming from, as well.


    Andi and the Merry Elves at Women and Words


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