Fangirl Fridays: May the Force and the Fangirl Shirts Be With You


So I’m writing from the road today (well, Thursday evening) as I traipse around the country on one of my jaunts. I bring this up because I wore a T-shirt today (Thursday) that garnered lots of attention. First in an airport in one part of the country and then twice more in totally different settings in another part of the country.

Ah, the power of geekdom, my friends. This is the shirt I wore:

This awesome shirt is available through
This awesome shirt is available through

Those of you who ride with geeks and spec fic lovers know right away that it’s a riff off this. And, yeah, today’s banner.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.15.21 PM

And there are a lot of us out in the world who know and love Star Wars. So as I traveled on Thursday while wearing my shirt, I got 3 different comments about it in two states thousands of miles apart. The first was an older (mid-50s, perhaps?) woman who was standing at a sink in an airport bathroom next to me and she said, “I love your shirt. I noticed you earlier at the food court.” A shared Star Wars moment.

Then, in a totally different state after my plane landed and I rented my car and drove to meet a friend for lunch at a tapas restaurant, the waiter comes out to greet us and he says, “Great shirt. Are you going to see Rogue One?” I said, “Hell, yes. Are you?” And he was all, “Duh!” And we exchanged a high five.

Then, two hours later, I was at a Whole Foods (shut up omg quit judging they have good trail mix and coffee) and this woman who looked like she was probably in her mid-40s says, “I love your shirt. Sadly, I stopped watching the Star Wars movies with the second installments.” I told her that I had, too, but omg The Force Awakens would fix that for her. We chatted for a few more minutes about the various awesome things about Star Wars, and went our separate ways (though she waved when I walked past her aisle on my way out) and it occurred to me that there’s a weird synergy in fandoms, and a weird sense of “these are my people.” And it starts at a young age.

I don’t think I can truly explain the role that Star Wars played in my life. Yes, I was at the original during its opening run, and omg it blew me away. The initial trilogy fired my imagination back in the day and for years after that. I will say that the originals haven’t held up as well as I had hoped; I just watched them again, and in this age of CGI and special effects, the original trilogy seems quaint and dated. But it had its moments, and I thrilled to them still.

Regardless, Star Wars is a quintessential space opera, which is one of my all-time fave genres of science fiction. I write that genre myself (don’t worry — I’ll be getting my Far Seek Chronicles back on the market…hang in there!), and it’s one of the not-so-secret pleasures I have, thrilling to space banditry, adventures, conflict, awesome fight scenes, amazing worlds…when I write space opera, it’s an homage to my childhood (which apparently I haven’t left) as well as to all the pulp fiction writers who have come before and whose stories inflamed the imaginations of bunches of kids like me.

Outsiders. Geeks. Weirdos. Different — those of us who saw much more behind the mundane, who stared up at the sky at night and wondered who and what else was up there, who could unspool ass-loads of intergalactic battles in our heads all in the span of a few minutes, and who spent the time before we went to sleep imagining ourselves on the decks of the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars was a big, freaking, HELL YES to those of us who wanted to pilot those X-Wings, and who wanted to battle the Death Star. And probably a huge enabler of our continued obsession with all things spec fic and geekly.

I will admit that I’m a Star Wars purist, and did not bond at all with the second round of films, as that fellow traveler and I discussed in Whole Foods (omg stop judging). I won’t go into the reasons here, but there are many. I stopped watching them after the first two and stuck to my purist roots, and just dragged out the original trilogy when I needed a fix.

But then. Something amazing happened.

There was buzz about a new Star Wars film, and it sounded like it was, in fact, going back to its roots and drawing from the magic and characters that made it the enduring legacy it was in many geek lives.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.40.56 PM

That opened in December 2015. When I saw the trailer for the first time, people, I teared up. My little space opera soul converged with my little feminist and geek/outsider soul and all the reasons I loved the first one came flooding back. It was like going home, this new incarnation, and spending time with old friends who introduced you to some bad-ass new ones. It threw props to the originals, built on new story infrastructures, and put a woman front and center as the harbinger of a wielder of The Force. What.The.Hell. All the storylines I’d made up for years in my head about this franchise came to a kind of fruition with The Force Awakens.

So I am again part of the Star Wars fandom, though in my own way. I don’t cosplay (yet…HA!), but I dissect storylines and examine characters and consider different plots and spinoffs and follow news about it. And wait for the next film, Rogue One, which is a prequel, actually, to the advent of the Death Star (the first Star Wars) and thus far, it appears another woman is front and center here, as well, which is something my little geek space opera self has been making up in her head for years. And writing.

So nice to see it on the big screen in a fandom I’ve loved for a long-ass time.

At any rate, wearing my new fangirl shirt around opened conversations with strangers from different backgrounds, in different parts of the country. How cool is that?

And now I will throw props to the amazing people who are creating shirts for fangirls all over the place, including the one I wore. If you haven’t already, jet on over to and check it out. Their tagline: “awesome shirts by, for and about awesome women.” They also donate proceeds of some of their shirts to great causes, and they offer ConPacks for the discerning con-goer. You can hit ’em up on Twitter (that’s how I found them — my current Wynonna Earp obsession led me to them because they do Earp shirts and shut up yes I have one): @fangirlshirts

I’m in the process of setting up an interview with them, so hopefully we’ll have that over here in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

And if you have any kind of fangirl stuff you want to talk about, hit us up at the Contact link above. If I don’t know the fandom, I will ask you to guest blog it! WOOOO! #everybodywins

Happy Friday, all.



  1. Great post, Andi! Let’s hear it for those of us who saw the original trilogy in all its glory! I can still see the theater in my mind’s eye. I was transfixed and have been ever since. Thanks and now I have some shopping to do!


  2. OMG, VK, hit up They are the AWESOMEST. For realz. I’ve bought at least 3 shirts from them and I’M STILL BUYING SHIRTS OMG WARDROBE MAKEOVER.

    And yes. Star Wars.


  3. I was born a few years too late to see any of the original trilogy in the theater when they released (I wasn’t even 3 when ROTJ came out) but I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. I love the prequels because they were the first movies I was able to see on the first run in the theater (I saw the special editions in the theater because my mom made sure I got to see them on the big screen) but with the exception of ROTS they weren’t quite on par with the originals. I was really upset after Disney bought Lucasfilm and made all the EU “legends” because as much as George did want it to be for many fans, me included, the EU was just as much Star Wars as the movies and all of my favorite characters were from the EU. I love Luke, Leia and Han but thanks to Bioware I love Revan and Bastila just as much and thanks to Timothy Zahn I love Mara Jade more than any other character in the Star Wars universe (and Grand Admiral Thrawn is hands down one of the best villains ever). With more than 20 years of beloved content and characters being tossed aside I was wary of any excitement over The Force Awakens. It didn’t help matters that JJ Abrams was involved b/c the last two movies of his I saw were too much like other movies for me and made me wary of a Star Wars movie by him but the nieces wanted to see it so we did and I was surprised how much I liked it though it didn’t hurt that Rey is this trilogy’s Luke,

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  4. Although, there is a terrible hypothesis going around that Rey is actually able to use The Force because she’s tapping into the Dark Side since it’s “easier” to go that route, and she seems able to wield it much easier than Luke was (remember his training with Yoda? How hard it was for him?). Anyway, I will be utterly crushed if Rey is a Dark Sider. Sigh. Here’s a link, if you’re interested in that latest. And of course there’s Dark Side Rey fanfic, too.


    • That’s a new theory for me, I’m not sure I’d really see it happening. I’m more of the belief that she is able to use it so quickly because I think like Anakin she’s been unconsciously using it her whole life, because she’s much more self taught in every aspect of life than the other Force users and that she doesn’t seem to doubt herself as much as Luke or even Anakin did. A lot of Luke’s problems with learning the Force stem from his doubt and disbelief that it was possible. I am firmly attached to the theory that Rey is Luke’s child though, which really makes all the Kylo/Rey shipping too squicky for me. I am however terribly upset that Kylo Ren’s mere existence means that there will be no Ben Skywalker who I adored almost as much as his mother.

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  5. Great shirt. I love that all the geeks recognize the font instantly and it creates a connection. I also was turned off by Episodes 1-3(stank to high heaven) but was super relieved by The Force Awakens.


  6. Andi! Thank you so much for this brilliant blog post and the accompanying brilliant podcast! We loved listening to your experiences with three different people in two different states striking up conversations about Star Wars. That’s exactly what we had envisioned when we started Fangirl Shirts – enabling awesome people who like awesome things to find each other in places where we might not usually!



    Pretty sure that soon my entire wardrobe will be your shirts. Thanks so much for what you’re doing, and thanks for stopping by. I’ll be sending you some questions soon… 😀


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