Hootenanny? Are you serious?

Yes, I’m totally serious. It’s that time when we here at Women and Words start gearing up for our annual Hootenanny. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the Hootenanny is a fabulous book giveaway extravaganza that we host during December to celebrate the holidays. To see an example, click on this magical link HERE. That there is a link to last year’s Day 1. You can also search here on the WaW site for “Hootenanny” and more days will come up and inundate you with past crazy. We recommend you go slow, so as not to explode your head. 🙂

So, if you’re an author, it’s time to think about contributing a book (or six) to the event. If you’re a reader, you can let us know if there is a book (or six) that you’d especially like to see up for grabs at the Hootenanny. Also, share the love and tell your friends all about the impending funness!

Drop us a link at the contact page if you’d like to play this year or if you have a recommendation.




  1. Oh my freaking eggnog. Where has the time gone? This is awesome. I’m all oogly-googly excited! Books, friends, silly elves, and general mayhem. What’s not to love?

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  2. Still can’t believe how hard you guys work every year to bring us this awesome, often hysterical, incredibly fun big show. The giveaways are great but the hootenanny is so much fun wth the elves, the song parodies, and the crazy comments from a lot of the followers that it’s a great time even if you aren’t one of the lucky winners. Thank you for doing this again.

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  3. I’m commenting to get a free magnet. Just read Jove Belle in curve magazine and she said she did send a refrigerator magnet of women words to anyone who mentioned the article

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