Hootenanny Sign Up Form

As promised, here is the sign up form for authors who wish to contribute books to this year’s Hootenanny! Click on the helpful(?) elf and that will take you to the form. Thanks!

Sign Up.1


  1. I think last year you had a preference for writers who had not previously offered books, which was a good idea in terms of encouraging newer writers. Is that the case this year?


  2. I’m dithering a bit because in reading the discussions around previous Hootenannies, I’ve gotten the impression that you (or more relevantly, the participants) are looking for specific types of books. And I know that the stuff I write isn’t what most LesFic readers are interested in. So while the timing would be perfect for offering up Mother of Souls (which comes out in November) I’m a bit hesitant about giving someone an “I got a rock” experience. I shall dither some more.


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