So comes autumn.

We’ve just reached the end of the Women’s festival in Eressos ( and suddenly the place feels like a ghost town as people quickly decant for office jobs and school starts and real life.

My real life is here, and the exodus leaves me feeling satisfied. I had a great time as always, but I’m also happy at the emerging sense of peace and decompression. It is a sensation only those who live in a tourist destination will appreciate. The calm after the seasonal hiatus. Reclaiming your beach with a long dog walks. Relaxed staff at the bars and restaurants, and slower sunsets (though that may be a mindset thing).


The highlights for me this year were the outdoor version of Shakespeare’s, The Tempest, with an all-female cast. This was played along the avenue to the harbour with fabulous backdrops of the Aegean Sea and the Sappho sculptures that line the harbour beach.

Our own Women and Words event was a great success with poets and writers sharing their work – along with wine and animated company.

The Alternative Fashion show is always a hoot, and of course, parties, parties, parties – every bloody night of the week – guess who’s feeling old?

It is all packed away now – and so is part of me. The summer part. Suddenly, I am bumbling about my garden waiting for our second spring and hoping for a bit of rain. My thoughts turn away from parties towards work and my own winter writing schedule. All in all, I am sated. All is good here.


  1. The festival sounds wonderful; maybe some year…Happy Fall. We’re still waiting for Fall weather here in Philadelphia–I am so over the summer heat. Sending good energy your way for enjoying the season, gardening and especially writing, the last being selfish because I await your next works impatiently.


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