Poltergeist Activity

OR:  How the hell did my Fixadent fly five feet into the toilet?wnd_ae922d48583c66355f3ce84a902231da

Happy Monday to ya’ll. I have to say that: The last Monday is my day.  So, I don’t have the distinct pleasure of wishing you TGIF!

I deal – so should you.

This picture has nothing to do with the paranormal activity going on in my house, but it DOES mention a toilet. And it’s funny.

I’m getting to it…

It’s dawned on me that it’s been a very long time since I’ve talked about “that” side of me – and new blog readers  might not know what it’s like to live in “VonnieLand.”

Talking about ghosts and spirit energy is normal at our house.  It’s all psychic – all the time here. We share about it as easily as if we’re discussing the weather.

I have my psychic friend, Shelia Powell – on speed dial.telefon-kontaktowy_318-33462

Since Sandy and I moved into this house four years ago, we’ve had a variety of ghosts. Two of whom caused serious problems early on, they
came with the house – and with help, were moved out.

Another one that came with a pair of beautiful handmade shelves I purchased at a second hand shop. I knew they were handmade because I “saw” the gentleman make them in his shop when I touched them. He was very proud of them, and polished them to a shine. The problem was once he came to my house, it turned out he hated lesbians. So bad in fact, Shelia called me the next day (out of the blue) and told me there was dark energy around me calling me very nasty names) She had no idea that I’d just purchased them.  With her help – he was also moved out.

We also have spirits of a more permanent nature. Family ghosts, my daughter, Dezi – and Sandy’s father, Bob. These are the two most prevalent. They are quite at home and both talk to each of us together and separately.

It’s very easy for us to “blame” either Dezi or Dad for things that fly around the house -but there’s also knowledge for me that knows if it feels like them or not.

We have transient ghosts show up as well.

One was a young man that wandered in and loved my book collection and decided to stay. Shelia told me he was also enamored of Shade – my favorite character – and stuck around around until I finished The Deadening. He liked to push books off the shelves and for some reason, hated it when things were on top of the microwave. I would find things on the floor that I know were put up the night before or as I was sitting in the living room, things would slide off the top and hit the floor. I always check to see where my dogs are – and 99% of the time – they are by my side.

He wandered back out at some point – or at least things stopped flying off the bookshelves.

I’ve had an old man that wore a bowler hat that run up and down the hallway – and quite frankly felt like a pervert. And yes, I kicked him out.


I attract them.

Yay me!

Sometimes, sarcasm is a sanity based emotion.

Walmart?  Fugetaboutit.

I totally believe the ground it’s built on is cursed.  There have been a few that followed us home.

Okay – now to the most recent “new” addition to our household.

One night I was sitting in the living room – my wife had gone to bed already.  The television was on low, to keep from disturbing her. The dogs were all staring into the hall. I hate it when they do that! But anyway I hear something in the bathroom – and I check to see if they are all in the room with me

They are. And all eight ears are pointed on alert.

I walk down to the end of the dark hallway and the bathroom.

You have to remember that stuff flies around in our house all the time. Usually as a joke – our family members were funny people and I’m sure they think it’s hilarious to knock pictures off the walls and screw with the electricity.

So, I’m not scared. I don’t feel anything off – but I heard it – my dogs heard it, and I have to check it out.

I don’t see anything right away – and Sandy’s son is sound asleep.  I figure since I’m there – I might as well use it – right?

Sitting in the center of the toilet bowl is a tube of Fixadent. The source of the noise – there is water splashed all over the seat – so it flew with some force. The problem is that it had to come out of the medicine cabinet open shelf at least a two feet and veer left another three feet to drop into the toilet.

Hey now. I thought about waking Sandy up – I did have some trepidation because of the physicality of it all. But, she gets up at 4 in the morning when she works on the weekend. I did end up texting her right then for her to read when she got up.

We ended up laughing about it – easy for her – she didn’t find it. I’m just kidding – I actually think it’s pretty cool – but neither of us wanted to use that particular tube of Fixadent after that.

A couple of days later I hear a huge thump in the office. Again, I check that the dogs are all next to me and again all eight ears are at attention – to top it off – the door was closed.

In the middle of the floor is a hiking boot that had previously been in the closet.


Again – we know who it is. It’s very friendly energy.

Things began to go haywire – the lights in the kitchen, the radio, and other electrical stuff.

It very cool.  But even being psychic and validated for it on a regular basis – there is always that tiny piece of mind that wants to rationalize it away.  I guess it’s normal – that or a learned behavior from parents who totally told me I was crazy on a regular basis.

Anyway – here are two pictures that I took yesterday.  Of course the “before” picture is staged – because why would I take a picture of a carton of creamer, right?  I only put the lid back on to show the correlation of where it landed.

I was sitting at the kitchen table and heard a huge pop. I looked over and saw the red lid on the stove.


This does not happen accidentally. It has never happened before either.

So, I do the only thing I could do in that situation – I  freak out, speed dial Shelia, and I send her the pics.

“It’s not bad. Someone’s trying to get your attention.”

Ya think?

Thank God she’s so soothing.  I totally appreciate her!

She was able to  name a dear friend who passed away recently. And Sandy and I were able to directly correlate the increased activity to the day we received some of her ashes.

She told us before she passed – she was coming back to haunt us. I believe it’s me she’s practicing on because she knows I believe – and that I get it.  I really get it.

Who knows what’s next?

But I KNOW for a fact – that we are going to laugh at the Fixadent in the toilet for years to come.

Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday!

So – who has a story to share?


  1. I am truly fascinated with this. I have seen a few ghosts but not so up close and personal! Also I can’t say I am as calm as you are with it all.
    Apart from this I’m really looking forward to you next novel. 🤓

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  2. This is fascinating. I don’t have any experiences to relate, and kind of prefer it that way, lol. I would not be as calm as you are about it.
    Do all dogs , or cats, have this ability, or are yours’ aware of things because of being around you? Again, it is most interesting and I do love to read of your experiences. Hope you continue to be well, too!

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    • Interesting question – I believe that all animals can sense “other.” I have one dog that is totally “mine” and has been since she’s been 4 weeks old. She seems to be the most sensitive – and I believe you’re right that she may be because of me. She lets me know if something is “off.” Always. 🙂 and thank you for your comments. I love it!


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