Swag! (Marketing Series #9)

Who doesn’t love some good swag? The key word there being GOOD. Nobody wants bad swag. So, what makes some swag good and some bad? Here are some thoughts!


Often times, the difference between good swag and bad swag is as simple as who’s looking at it. For example, as an author, I have five thousand bookmarks at my disposal at any given moment. For me, bookmarks as swag are silly. I don’t want them or need them. My friend who is a reader, not a writer, LOVES to get bookmarks. So, perspective is everything.


A pen that falls apart the first time you use it is bad. Nobody wants that. If you’re going to buy swag to give out, make it worth your money.


If your swag is useful, it will survive the culling out period when people sort through their swag bags. Try to find something neutral that has universal appeal. Some examples are refrigerator magnets, coasters, pens, and tablets. Just know that no matter how carefully you select your swag, some folks won’t want it because they don’t need it.


For fun, here’s my go-to list for vendors who provide high quality swag at a reasonable price.

  • GotPrint does great bookmarks and postcards. Great quality, great price, great service.
  • Pure Buttons makes high quality fridge magnets and other fun stuff.
  • Vista Print – Most people know that they print bookmarks and postcards, but they also offer some really great promotional product.

What about y’all? What’s your favorite swag? Where do you like to buy swag?