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riseoriginalcover-2“I am woman, too, first and foremost, and this pisses me off.” Daphne, RISE

Mainstream, just give me more women already. It’s something I want to say at every new TV season, and every time I watch a movie in the action/thriller category. I am impatient, because the wait for an all-female Ghostbusters was so long, and because we’re still waiting for the Wonder Woman movie. There was talk about an all-female Ocean’s Eleven, but it’s been a while. We learned a few days ago that Kerry Washington is developing a police drama for ABC with four female leads, and if that one airs in 2017, it will be a decade since the sadly short-lived Women’s Murder Club. In the meantime, I’ve been latching onto everything Shonda Rhimes, because with her, you can rely on a decent amount of women characters in charge (though those are ensemble casts in which the male characters are just as important).

The bottom line is, if you’re into certain genres, and you want more than the obligatory one or two women (which was progress in 2000, but I don’t want to settle for in 2016) in a movie or TV show, they will be difficult to find, especially if you’re not going for comedy.

Lesbian characters who survive the end of the show/movie AND are main characters? It seems like a fantasy.

The utter lack of what I’d love to see on my TV, or at the movies on a Saturday night, is a big part of my motivation to write, and specifically, to write RISE.

I am tired of waiting for more media in which women characters are collaborating instead of ending up into a perpetual “cat fight,” and the paranormal setting turned out to be surprisingly liberating. Five paranormal female beings (“woman first and foremost”) and two human women attack the ultimate super villain: patriarchy. This time, they are in it to win it.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with stories that feature a male cast, or male main characters—if that’s all or most of what we get in the mainstream, then there’s a problem.

RISE is a story about women. There’s a love story developing between two of them, and an established one between two others. There’s one straight character, and some who don’t think of themselves in those terms at all.

I think that with so little to choose from—in comparison—we are often in a fight over that same small slice of the cake. We all want representation. Whether that means two women in love, or in a friendship (and no one dies at the end!), there’s not enough of it. It seems like there can only be one or the other, if at all…No.

There can be all of it in the same story, and even a decent man or two—because it’s not about turning the tables, but creating a balance, right here, right now. I still want to see more women, specifically lesbian characters (What if Wynonna Earp had been the lesbian on that show? What if…Supergirl? What if Rizzoli & Isles had ended up together? All shows either have/had or will have lesbian characters, but they’re never the leads). As long as The Powers That Be refuse to acknowledge this part of their audience, you can find me writing.

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Angel. Vampire. Witch. Fairy. Shifter.

For a long time, paranormal beings have lived alongside of humans, and minded their own business. After being mocked, hunted and used for millennia, it’s not in their best interest to get involved in human affairs—yet, these five females can’t turn away from the attacks on the dignity of human women. They have intervened before, but one incident convinces them that the time has come to turn their efforts into a global movement. The tide is finally turning.


Barbara Winkes writes suspense and romance with female, mostly lesbian characters at the center. Expect high drama and happy endings.



  1. You have said what I have thought so many times. My wife likes to watch Hallmark, sometimes I watch to but invariable I get frustrated because the lead her “best friend” never get together. There are thousands of guy gets girl tv. I so want to see girl get girl stories because there is not enough variety in those in what little representation there is on tv. Thanks for expressing that so well.


  2. Amen, sister. Way to preach it. I completely agree with all your thoughts on tv and movies. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Fosters on Freeform. Lesbian moms both alive and well several seasons in 🙂 and your book, “Rise” sounds like a big helping of awesome wrapped in a cloak of bad assery. Looking forward to reading it.


    • Thank you! We have watched every episode of The Fosters, one of our favorite shows. This is a an example of what I want to see more of–they sure go through a lot of drama, but always make it through.

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  3. Barbara,
    So glad to see another book from you and it sounds like a great one! Woo-hoo! Yeah, the paranormal scene got to me too and I had to write a different kind of vampire story. It’s great to see another woman changing the scenery!!!!! We’ll make a difference–those of use who write about women, with strong female leads whether that is in the mystery, literary, romance or paranormal genres. It will take time, but we’re getting there. Now if we can get more young adult books with strong female characters who don’t wimp out in the end and have to be rescued!

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    • Thank you, Aya, and yes, it took me a while to get into this genre (not surprising that it was a human woman, a detective working with a vampire that did the trick), and it happened as I wondered what would it take to get humans on the right track. I agree that YA lit can have a big impact, though at the moment I can’t see myself going there. There’s definitely more freedom in writing for adults…but, never say never.


  4. I too am hoping for more Strong Female leads in movies and TV shows. It’s a shame that there isn’t much like that on TV/Movies. I really like the sound of RISE. I like that there are Women leads and that this is a paranormal-ish bent. I do so love my Paranormal books. Can’t wait to read it!!


    • Totally agree about the women leads. I’ve been mostly writing romance and suspense, but I felt that this was a story that could be told with vampires, fairies, etc.


  5. Your book looks really, really interesting! If I don’t win…it’s definitely going on my wishlist! Thanks for writing!


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