Now What?

I’m four scenes from the end of my current work in progress, Pixie. (Cue celebration!)

But…(and there’s always one of these, isn’t there?)

I have no idea what I’m writing next.

This is an oddity for me. I normally have some idea grab me mid-book to distract me from what I’m writing.

It rears its ugly little head exactly when I reach that mid-point in a novel where I’m bored to tears and want it to end.

It excites me about a topic or characters that are completely different from my current project.

Consider: I was thinking about Callie and Clara in 1890s Alaska while writing a contemporary dark fantasy about a nu metal band opening a door for magic to flood our world.

I thought of another dark tale of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll (Warlord Metal) while writing Tiopa Ki Lakota.

Broken Trails came to me in the middle of Whiskey’s trials and tribulations in the Sanguire series.

One problem this time.

This time that hasn’t happened.

No inspiration. No muse. No characters or situations or locations screaming at me to write.

So what do I have planned at this point?

Short Stories

Well. I want to grow my Patreon offerings. The best way to do that is to offer fiction.

My goal is twelve short stories over twelve weeks through the beginning of the year. These will be Patreon tales that will be available in 2017.

Any extra stories will be doled out over the year on my website. (Providing there are extra…)

My level of confidence isn’t high. I can write short stories, but they’re not easy for me.

I figure I’ll use a prompt generator like this one.

Unless the muse decides on something more specific.

Beyond that? I dunno.


No. Just…no. At least not at this time.

The only sequel I’ve a hankering for (and it’s a minor hankering, believe me) is a Warlord Metal sequel.

No one wants to read about Anpo gaining a second wife in the Tiopa Ki Lakota sequel.

And I have no idea what to write for an Alaskan Bride sequel.

I do have an Orphan Maker sequel idea, but Gwen wasn’t well-liked among the readers. I don’t think a second book will do as well.

I wouldn’t mind throwing out another Freya’s Tears adventure for the website, but let’s be honest…the paying work comes first.

I do have a stand alone sequel in my cyberpunk world, but I haven’t been able to focus on it much. Not sure why.

Other Projects

Hundreds of problems in my world, but coming up with ideas ain’t one.

I’ve got a number of ideas that I’ve listed over the years, but none of them appeal. (I think my last tally was about seventy-five possible novels.)

Whiny Author — that’s me. A wealth of novels and too apathetic to write them.

It’s not like I don’t love writing—I enjoy every aspect of the job, even the editing process!

Maybe it’s the end of year blues. (End of book blues? Haven’t experienced that before.)

My career has been spent jumping around between genres. Each one has been new and refreshing and exciting. Not lately however.

I should probably focus on genre rather than specifics.

Hey! I could shoot for genre in the short stories, couldn’t I? Now that sounds like fun!

Prompt plus post-apocalyptic, prompt plus cyberpunk, prompt plus space opera…

It has potential!

What About You?

Writers, help a sister out! Have you been here before? How did you combat it?

Readers, what would you like to see next? I’m open to suggestions. Comment below or contact me at my website.

Happy Reading!

A fan-geek and internet junkie, D Jordan Redhawk is an award winning writer of lesbian romance, writing in multiple genres. She highlights the outsider and reveals that we are not all that different from one another. Her books are published by Bella Books. You can reach Redhawk through her website, Facebook, or become a Patron!


  1. What about something with women in the 1800’s? I love historical romance! There also are not very many scary lesbian books out there. Hope this helps


    • Historical romance is difficult to write! You have to get all the little details correct…or paint with a broad enough brush that no one notices the details. So far I’ve been lucky in that regard.

      A story in the 1800s might be fun! Thanks, CJ!


    • Oooooo… Never thought of crossovers in my own series. I don’t know that it would be a full-on novel, but I could use something like that for the short stories I”m planning.

      Thanks for the tip, Jackie!


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