A Different Perspective- Jaynes Pehney

A reader’s perspective through Jaynes Pehyney’s book skills

There are so many wonderful authors out there providing all of us book-a-holics with reading material, and I know I am not the only one thankful for their story and writing talents. I wanted to share other reader’s perspectives on various topics that have been brought up, hopefully with some insight for authors and readers alike and hopefully with some humor as well. This week Jaynes Pehyney has agreed to join me by answering some questions. I hope you enjoy them!

Erin: What is the first LesFic story that you read?

Jaynes: I believe it was Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown but in reality it was To Kill A Mockingbird  by Harper Lee. I consider TKAM Lesfic because of Scout. When I read her story it was really the first time I saw myself in a character. I understood her. I could relate to her because she was like me. She was a heroine a tomboy and she considered things she was thoughtful. And I’ve sort of always knew I was a lesbian so I assumed she also was!



Erin: Do you have a favorite sub-genre in the LesFic genre? If so, what is it and why?

Jaynes: Poetry. Poetry is fluid. It is all consuming with just a word, a phrase, and hopefully in its entirety. I can read poetry for just a few minutes and feel sated. I can also read poetry for hours and still not quench my thirst. Nothing else does that for me… Well nothing else in this setting, at least.


Erin: What LesFic book would you recommend to someone to introduce them to the genre?

Jaynes: Poetry: Wet Violets  edited by Beth Mitchum. Right now I’m reading Kieran York’s latest Once Word it’s amazing. Suspense: Ali Vali’s Calling the Dead or Ronica Black’s The Seeker. Romantic Comedies: Tats by Layce Gardner and Family Affair by Saxon Bennet. Romance: Radclyiffe’s Fated Love, Isabella’s Always Faithful, Chris Paynter’s Survived by Her Longtime Companion. Kieran York’s Appointment with a Smile. My lists all go on and on.


Erin: What type of characters (characteristics or appearance) would you like to see more of in LesFic stories?

Jaynes: Right now I think there is a great variety of characters and characteristics in LesFic! There are so many stories, writing styles, and characters out there now. It’s an amazing transformation since I first started reading Lesfic in the seventies and eighties. Thanks to the WWW we can find tons to read. Although I do believe, that it is probably harder now for those who have no access to the Internet.


Erin: Sex scene or fade to black when reading LesFic and why?

Jaynes: Sex scene yes, please. I don’t mind fade to black but it depends on the author If Isabella goes fade to black I’d send her a private message at once asking, “What is wrong, dear?”


Erin: Have you noticed a difference in LesFic over the past 10 years (or since you started reading LesFic) and if so what differences have you noticed?

Jaynes: Yes, it’s gotten meatier and the sheer number of authors and titles to choose from. I love this, it’s progress. I’m very progressive thinking. I’d never want to go backward. That time is gone I didn’t mind it then but after seeing the growth? Nope, I’m grateful for the expansion!


Erin: What impact do you think LesFic has on the LGBTQ community and why?

Jaynes: I know for me it opened my eyes and my mind to possibilities. And when I started LesficREADER it changed my life! LesficREADER was a Facebook group I started I guess about five years ago now. It was a fluke, I had no idea what I was doing. I am so glad I did it because I met some amazing women and found amazing new authors I’d never heard of. And it took me out of my comfort zone which was good for me in some ways and bad in others it was a learning experience that’s for sure.


Erin: How do you choose your LesFic books?

Jaynes: I can’t afford many books right now but favorite authors get my money.


Erin: What recommendations do you have for new authors to bring their books to your attention?

Jaynes: Join some of the online groups Participate occasionally and share about your book!


Erin: Do you ever judge a book by a cover when choosing a lesfic book?

Jaynes: No I never do! Well I’m sure it has some influence over me but not a lot. I just did my first book cover and it feels really good.


Erin: How do you think the Indie author has impacted the LesFic genre?

Jaynes: It’s the best thing to happen to Lesfic. I can’t imagine life without the indie author. Novels are simply better now. It’s helped the quality and quantity of Lesbian Fiction. Also authors like Sunny Alexander, R.E. Bradshaw, and Being Anders and Isabella came from the Indi – community and established authors are trying it now too!


Erin: Is there one LesFic story that really touched you and how?

Jaynes: Tats  by Layce Gardner one of my favorite if not my favorite book ever! It was funny but it was also thoughtful about a subject that is very important to me because I was molested when I was a child and that experience and how I handled it helped form who I am.


Erin: Do you read e-books, print or both and what factors into your choice?

Jaynes: I read both. E-Books are cheaper and take up much less room.


Erin: What was the last book you finished?

Jaynes: I just re-read Careful Flowers by Kieran York and The Girls by Sunny Alexander two really good books!



Erin: If you were stuck on a very comfortable but deserted island for an indefinite amount of time, which three lesfic stories would you bring to entertain yourself?

Jaynes:1. Tats because I’d want to be able to laugh and cry. 2. Wet Violets when I was falling in love with Rae 3. And our latest collection of poetry, Fallen Petals  because I’m working on the expanded versions of those poems.



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