Pantser Versus Plotter by Annette Mori

Annette Mori stopped by to tell us about her crazy busy writing schedule and process, and the three new books she has coming out SOON!

Pantster Versus Plotter by Annette Mori

the-r-2I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to write about for this guest blog. I am an avid follower of Women and Words, try to put out my own weekly blog, and follow many others. Thus, pondering an interesting topic that also served as double duty for introducing my new book The Review was hard. Really, really, hard.

I’m going to channel my nerd persona for a bit and tell you why it’s hard. First, let me explain. I love data and research. I looked at my weekly blog and I’ve written 86 blogs since I started. That’s 86 times I had to come up with a new topic. That’s not counting the previous Women and Words guest blog I did. Am I starting to have some sympathy now?

I suppose this blog is starting to sound like a Seinfeld episode…crap she’s going to write a whole blog about….nothing!


So, one of the guidelines is that you can’t just toss out a previous blog and call it good. I get that, but since I’m a rule bending kind of person and there are favorite themes I like to explore, I decided this blog will be a new spin on a favorite topic, Pantsters versus Plotters.


For those of you who have followed some of my previous blogs, posts, or author grills, you know I am firmly planted in the Pantster category. I fly by the seat of my pants and never know what I’m going to write until my fingers fly across the keyboard. For the most part, this has worked for me.  A Plotter, conversely, carefully maps out the whole story with a detailed outline. I think I would stop writing if someone forced me to write like that.

whmhcoversmRecently, I’ve entered willingly into new territory and am co-writing a book with another Pantster. Erin O’Reilly is a brilliant writer and has written one of my all-time favorite series When Hell Meets Heaven with another brilliant writer, JM Dragon. I was blessed when she agreed to co-write the sequel to Asset Management after hearing from many readers that the ending begged for another book.

I highly recommend this experience, because I never know where the story will go. I write something to take it down one path, she writes something new that takes us in a slightly different direction. It’s an absolute blast. I call it improvisational writing. When we write a scene together the dialogue is developed on the fly. She’s reacting to what I write and visa versa.plot-twist-1

In blogs, I sometimes travel all over the page, until I hopefully tie it all up in the end. So what does Pantster versus Plotter have to do with my new book?



Of all my novels The Review is probably the most conventional romance I’ve written to date. It has all the essential elements of a traditional contemporary romance, a slow burning love story, a bit of angst, a funny sidekick, and a happy ending. Yet I felt compelled to add my thumbprint with a mysterious stalker. I dare the reader to figure out identity until the very end. This is where my Pantster tendencies really paid off. Until I sat my butt in my chair to write the scene, I didn’t know who it would be. When I was provided feedback from the Publisher, she said I’d nailed this one because all of the beta readers gave this story a big thumbs up with an added exclamation point regarding the mystery. I think this is a first, with the exception of Locked Inside, where everyone agreed this would be an unequivocal hit. I suppose they know what they’re talking about since Locked Inside won a Goldie.

Beautiful asian working woman on the Abstract blurred photo of cI admit to liking the characters so much, I had to write a prequel We’re Not in Kansas Anymore which is currently on the Affinity e-book press site as a free download.

I’d like to think that being a Pantster, at least with this book, paid off. Hopefully the readers will agree. The Review came out on October 1st and I am eagerly awaiting the feedback as my pants take flight on my next project. Who knows where that story will go when combining a bi-polar lesbian whose dreams come alive after government intervention to tease out her special gifts. A big apology to my publisher who wishes I would stick with traditional contemporary romance. I think unconventional is my middle name.

Thanks for the opportunity to blab on about close to nothing. I still adore Seinfeld. Also thanks to every single reader who has taken a chance on this Pantster and picked up one of my books. I cannot tell you how much I’ve appreciated the support of the lesfic community.

Annette is an award winning author and health care executive living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her wife and their five furry kids. She has six published novels including Goldie award winner, Locked Inside and her most recent The Review. The positive feedback has spurred her on and she is thankful to have the support of so many wonderful readers. Feel free to drop her a line at:, or check out her blog at:




  1. I think it’s important to wear pants if you’re outside the house. Or some semblance of such.

    Inside, I think it’s totally appropriate to be a non-pantser and non-plotter in your writing life. 😀

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