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as-told-by-us-cover-page-001Happy Sunday! Please welcome author Gabriella Meghan. She’s here to tell us about her process and her debut novel, As Told by Us.

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As Told by Us by Gabriella Meghan

Have you ever got so caught up within a community that you lost sight of who you are, your hopes, your dreams, your values? I think we’ve all been there; it’s just a matter of who is able to pull out of that ‘rut’ alive and thriving. About six years ago, I came out to my friends and family. Some were a little surprised, but everybody embraced it with open arms. Almost immediately after I got sucked into my local LGBTQ scene. Now, sure… that seems harmless right? It wasn’t. I was surrounded by things and people I wouldn’t normally surround myself with. I was skipping my college classes because I was too hungover from partying the night before, and I lost complete sight of who I was and what my dreams were. I was acting, literally acting and playing the part of some ditzy bimbo that I wasn’t. I thought the opinions of others mattered more than my own values, and this is where I became extremely depressed. Some say it’s a gene, while others say “Just be happy!” It’s easier said than done.

Since I was young, writing had always been an outlet for me. I loved the feeling of getting lost in words… letting them flow out of my mind so freely onto paper. Words were always so beautifully healing to me. I started to journal things that were happening in my life at the time. Four years of journaling, four years of realizing that my life had literally become a drama… something you would only see in movies. I decided to take these occurrences and create with them; hence my newly self-published book “As Told By Us” was born.

I urge readers to keep in mind that “As Told By Us” is purely fiction. I did take from my personal experiences, but altered them to reflect the characters in my book. “As Told By Us” is a murder mystery that follows the narrator, Layla, through her journey of love, lust, and loss. Layla becomes the “it girl” in a small lesbian community. Layla appears to readers as an individual that has a seemingly split personality. She walks readers through her first lust, her first love, and her many losses. Suicides become on the rise in this small community, and Layla is stricken with grief and confusion. Her own depression is masked by the character she plays in front of those around her. Layla seems to master the art of seduction and captivates the hearts of many. Just when she thinks she has the control she desires, she is broken down, and jaded. Follow Layla down the rabbit hole- just how far will she fall?

“As Told By Us” will be available for pre-order starting October 1,2016 and will be officially released October 31, 2016. Physical copies will be available at and digital copies will be available on all e-book outlets (Amazon, iBook, Kindle, book-baby, and more!).

Version 2Having come out at the age of 18, Gabriella Meghan has played an active part in her local LGBTQ scenes. Gabriella Meghan is a graduate of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY where she was published for her poetry in The Salamander. She has been an active writer on her own poetry blog, “Life As We Know It” since 2010. Her poetry site has collected over 10,000 views. Currently getting her Master’s degree in Secondary Education, Gabriella hopes to continue her writing with the passion that has never died.




  1. As Told by Us seems like the type of book I’d love to own and read. I enjoy crime stories. Layla seems to be an interesting character. Congratulations on you debut novel.


  2. This sounds like a really good story line. My wife and I would love to ready it!
    Just added it to my Amazon Wish List. Thanks for posting!


  3. Thanks for sharing, Gabriella. I think there are a lot of LGBTQ individuals that can identify with your journey. I look forward to reading this story.


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