A Journey to Becoming Me

Good morning!

I’ve been told readers know me for the chatty, self-deprecating, and hopefully – amusing blogs that I write.

This is not that.

My guest today, Shelia Powell, who also writes under the pseudonym, Lorraine Howell, wrote a book of poems about “becoming.”

It’s my personal belief that everyone chooses a path before they are born into this life. And as we know – challenges both good and painful – exist.

From my own personal experience in order to grow both personally and spiritually, we have walk through them.

It isn’t often that someone will rip themselves apart to share pieces of herself, that are excruciatingly honest – to help her younger self and others who may share the same shards of broken glass that comprise the mirrors of our pain.

It’s not an easy book, and there is a warning for possible triggers. 

But I hope that it reaches everyone that needs to know they are not alone, and that others have faced down their demons – those that attack us, and those we hold inside.

We survive.

And dare I say, we begin to heal?

This is that.


In Shelia’s own words:

Becoming Me – A Metamorphosis – A journey though the darkness and light of the human condition. It opens up discussions on deep and serious subject matters. It also speaks of the joy and love that we all seek. “Becoming Me, A Metamorphosis” is an in-depth, raw, gritty and complex look into the human psyche. It is a beautiful journey of healing. This collection of poems sways your heart into the world of reality while keeping your emotions on edge. The purpose of this book is to deliver a profound and meaningful message to you, the reader.”

I’ve included Shelia’s forward.

Dear younger self,

I wrote this book to tell you that even though your life was hard, there were some great parts in it as well.  The horrible things that occurred were just a small part when compared to the love of your parents, the birth of your children, your friends and finding the love of your life.

I know at times the world seemed difficult, but remember that with good comes bad.  I am so very proud that your heart was strong enough to make it through all that you faced.  I also hope “Becoming Me” will end up in the hands of the people who need it most.

You did good kid!


Your older self

You can find Shelia’s author page here at Sapphire Books Publishing and a list of her books – including Becoming Me.

Shelia’s (Lorraine’s) Facebook.

And…. Her Amazon Author Page.

And because this month has a fifth Monday – I’ll be here next week as well.

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