All the fun you can handle in one tidy package!

Okay, you might be able to handle more fun, but we still pack in a lot of entertainment into one community blog. In fact, here’s a review of all the awesome. And yes, this is a “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” diversion tactic because I’m not ready to even think about the election and the far reaching results of that debacle.

First up on the tour…

Women and Words T-Shirts!

That’s right, you can order a Women and Words T-shirt for your very own self. Or you can order two and give one to a friend. Proceeds from the sales go to support Golden Crown Literary Society, a fabulous organization that works to promote the works of lesbian fiction authors. Not only do they host a convention with panel discussions, readings, awards, and vendor opportunities, they also sponsor a mentoring program for authors and offer a year long writing workshop. It’s a cool thing they do. Support them!

And, to make it even more tempting, we have a new T-shirt design for this year. Check it out!


Free Reads!

We maintain a list of free short stories available from lesbian fiction authors. If you click on the tab at the top that is cleverly titled “Free Reads,” you can check out a whole mess of awesomeness. Or, more aptly described list of authors who have short stories available on their websites. The list is sorted alphabetically by first name. If you know of an author who has free shorts who isn’t listed, let us know! We’ll add her to the mix.

Please, buy my stuff!

Earlier this year, we decided to add advertisements to the blog. Look over there to the right (if you’re on your computer) and you’ll see the ads folks have placed with us. We charge only $5/month, and those monies go to help make the Hootenanny (more about that in a minute) even more awesome. So, please, could you support those ads by clicking the image? And, if you have something to advertise, consider placing an ad with us.

Women and Words Podcast (alternatively titled Jove Babbles; Andi Tries to Control Her)

Andi Marquette and I (Jove Belle) do a weekly podcast as part of The Lesbian Talk Show. It’s much fun. You can listen by clicking on the podcast tab at the top. Or by clicking the pretty picture below.


And, rounding out the awesome fun to be had here at Women and Words, we give you

The Hootenanny!

For those of you who are new to Women and Words, this idea of a Hootenanny is going to seem bizarre because it doesn’t involve a barn or any actual dancing (although, dancing is encouraged). For us, the Hootenanny is a twelve-day holiday event in December where we give away a trailer full of books. Literally.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We round up a ton of authors and publishers who generously donate to the event. Sometimes it’s a book. Sometimes it’s twelve books. Sometimes it’s paperback. Sometimes it’s ebook. Always it is awesome!

Step 2: We work feverishly to set up the event by creating graphics, organizing and balancing the books to giveaway each day, rewriting songs to fit our needs, and routinely hosing down the elves when they get out of control.

Step 3: We review the rules and try to figure out the best, most fair way to frame the giveaway. We include the rules at the top of each day’s post.

Step 4: On each day, we open the giveaway in the morning and draw the winners in the evenings. We then notify the authors and winners via email, as well as updating the post to include the winners.

Step 5: Wash, rinse, repeat.


That’s it for my fun-time review of what’s on the menu here at Women and Words. Please enjoy!





  1. I’m looking forward to the hootenanny. It’s allways a big pleasure. Thanks a lot. And at least one positive message today. Love W&W

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