How to escape it all

A reader’s perspective about running away.

Books have always been a wonderful escape from reality. Having a bad day? Reading a book can help with that! Life changing event? Spend a couple of hours in a different reality reading a book! The world as you know it is falling apart because some idiot somehow attained the highest position in the country? Run away to an island!!

I still remember the first time I read Jennifer Fulton’sPassion Bay (Moon Island Book 1) by [Fulton, Jennifer] Passion Bay and wanting to be Cody Stanton! How I would love to just have some huge deposit in my checking account after losing my job and use it to run away to Moon Island. Seriously, just run away from reality and live on a tropical island where the love of your life just happened to end up? She’s so lucky!

But with my luck, my tropical island would probably be similar to the one found in Castaway by Blayne Cooper and Ryan Daly. Filled with weird competitors on some crazy game show and I’m attacked by insects and sand crabs the way Shannon and Ryan are. But this escape to reality had me laughing so hard, I hopefully wouldn’t notice all the imperfections of paradise.

Initially I was going to make my island escape with Shari J. Berman’s Kona Dreams, another story that had me laughing until my sides hurt, but the setting is actually too close to home- Kona, Hawaii. But still with the fun mishaps Freddie and Jennifer have, I would definitely stay a little while before moving on to another island get-away.

Maybe something in the Caribbean. Maybe someplace that has a social club for lesbians already. Maybe someplace  like the island found in Beth Burnett’s The Love Sucks Club where there is already a house on a hill that deters visitors. Except for family. And friends. And the neighbor.

Any suggestion is welcome though. Which LesFic island can I run away to so I don’t have to face the reality of my new reality? Or any suggestions on other locations in which I should run and escape to? Where do you go for your escape from reality? I would love to hear about them!


  1. Well the chubby teen grew into a gorgeous woman so no worries there! My favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings was go to the kitchen, get a bowl of cereal and eat it in bed with my current book. We didn’t have a TV so that was my Saturday morning cartoon time.
    Thanks for reading Annette!


  2. Escape is on my mind, too, my friend. Times are hard and we have a racist in the white house. Now what? For me, I am going to sink into a backlog of lesfic starting with Lisa Moreau’s Love on the Red Rocks.


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