Call for Submissions – The Intimacy of Survival

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A call for submissions in response to the harder times that have come back around.

Do you remember surreptitiously flipping through your library’s card catalog to search out who you were and finding only references to “the male homosexual” or “sexuality, aberrant” and no listings at all for gender? Did you strain to hear when your parents lowered their voices to talk about “those” women who lived together in a house at the end of the block? Do you remember the closet? Do remember the Johns Committee? How about the Reagan era when access to women’s, to all people’s, healthcare was curtailed, people with disabilities lost access to key services, and the AIDS crisis emerged?

Those of us who survived these years can help recreate the edifices of care and activism that we once constructed for ourselves and then perhaps abandoned because they were no longer needed. It’s time to reach back and get them. Our experience, the successes we had, the mistakes we made, the voices of those who were left out, and the ways we thrived can be added to the already formidable power of younger generations of queer folk as we gather together in resistance.

Co-editors Sarah Einstein and Sandra Gail Lambert are looking for creative nonfiction and poetry for an online anthology to launch shortly after President Trump is sworn into office. Tell us your stories of not only what you survived, but especially the particular mechanisms of how you found your “people” and the ways you supported and celebrated each other.

Submission Details:

Older Queer Voices: The Intimacy of Survival
Co-edited by Sarah Einstein and Sandra Gail Lambert
An online anthology scheduled for release in early spring.
Creative nonfiction and poetry. No upper or lower word limits. Previously published pieces accepted but the author must own the rights
Deadline: As soon as possible. January 10th at the latest.
Possible AWP reading.
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  1. Hi Sandra and Sarah – good luck on your endeavor. Is there any payment for authors whose work you accept for your online anthology?


  2. Genta, your best bet is to contact Sandra and Sarah directly at the email address they provide above, because they may not even be aware that we posted this call for submissions here. We get lots of tips and find things ourselves in that regard, and often the anthology coordinators don’t know we’ve posted their calls here.


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