Stick a Fork in Me

I’m finally done!

I finished and sent back my edits for my new book Meet Me in the Middle – a stand along romantic comedy due in March 2017.

I know that’s a few months away – but it will go fast 🙂


Not to worry – I’m hard at work already on a new series – supernatural of course! And I promise not to let a whole year pass before I publish again.

I once shared how circumstances and fate kept putting me in the same places as Sandy. Looking back, (hindsight is sometimes awesome) if we missed one opportunity to meet each other – I can see where another one was offered in its place.

Our relationship was meant to be.

Knowing that – I was inspired to write this book. What if no meeting is random? Do we have helpers on the other side that know better than we do?



Veterinarian Aislin O’Shea runs a busy clinic. She wasn’t looking for a relationship. She’d already had the perfect one. She certainly wasn’t attracted to fancy pants executive, Ms. Zane Whitman – she wasn’t her type.

Zane Whitman had it all. Stellar career, wealth, exclusive social circle, and models vying for her attention. Impulsive, emotionally charged Aislin was not her type.  

Two women from the opposite side of the tracks.  

Neither one expects meddling from an unexpected source on the Other side. 

Neither one knows the train is coming. 

Wait for it.


I’m super excited to be on this new journey with Sapphire Books.

And just like Aislin and Zane …



I hope you all had an awesome holiday with those you love – I did 🙂

This is a short blog. It’s Sandy’s birthday and she’s just requested that I go watch football with her. Go Seahawks!

Till next month…





  1. Sounds fascinating, looking forward to reading it. I too believe everything happens for a reason and we are on a path determined by destiny.


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