A Different Perspective- Dy Frame

A reader’s perspective through Dy Frame’s book experience

There are so many wonderful authors out there providing all of us book-a-holics with reading material, and I know I am not the only one thankful for their story and writing talents. I wanted to share other reader’s perspectives on various topics that have been brought up, hopefully with some insight for authors and readers alike and hopefully with some humor as well. This week Dy Frame has agreed to join me by answering some questions. I hope you enjoy them!

Erin: Where is your favorite place to read?
Dy: Rocking chair inside or out, at my table/desk whilst eating meals or mostly in bed.

Erin: How were you introduced to LesFic?
Dy: I first found lesfic in the late 70’s. It was, at that time, super hard to find anything that felt like my life. During the 80’s I found more as my sexuality almost dictated my seeking LesFic stories out to confirm the my lover and I were not alone in wanting books music by ‘family’. At that time I mostly had straight friends or very closeted ones.

Erin: Do you feel there has been a change in LesFic from when you first started reading to now?
Dy: That is like asking if chalk and cheese has a difference! The change has been incredible! Women have found their feet and just run toward writing what feels is the right thing to do and be through their characters and stories. To challenge the male dominated field of writing as well as the casting of lesbians in some sort of sordid role. Women wrote with strong characters and strong story lines about lesbian issues and identity, yes they did back in the 80’s but became more and more comfortable about writing in every genre and exploring area’s like paranormal or fabulous sci-fi for example. Lesbian writers own their lives in their work, just my feeling. I read 98% lesbian authored books or audio, I do that because I can and also to support them but more importantly as I have aged I have made a statement that I no longer want to read male or even female writing about lesbian women when they are not one. I am happy with this choice, though I have been called selective for doing this.

Erin: What was the first LesFic you read?
Dy: Curious Wine by Katherine V. Forrest, or it could have been Sarah and Patience by Isabel Miller actually or Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall.

Erin: What character traits would you like to see more of in LesFic?
Dy: I would really love to read more realistic role models in books, as in beauty is subjective not all super gorgeous, fit, and leggy. Characters that would include women of colour, age more than 40yrs, O+ of size, of disability, age related issues rather from accidents or birth, society and environmental and socio-economic. A recent read I loved was Mulligan by KG MacGregor. It was lovely to read of older women battling their individual journeys to come together.

Erin: How has LesFic impacted your life? How do you think it has impacted the LGBTQ community?
Dy: I think everyone wants to have confirmation of ‘normality’ that their lives are ok and we can do anything especially in fiction. I am awed at the brilliance and diversity in the work being delivered to us every damn day. As lesfic has evolved it has become a movement in itself of supporting women coming out and those that seek reassurances, and also to just escape into something they can smile and say what a ripper character that is a bloody lesbian taking on the world I love it!

Erin: How do you choose your LesFic book purchases?
Dy: Initially I just cruised bookshops that specialised in women’s literature. I have lived in the country, on properties mostly, so at times it has been very hard to source them. NOW though, I buy online and am like a kid in a lolly shop, ‘amazon’ is where I source most of my Ebooks/audio and occasionally when I want something in print I use an online Oz bookstore. It is really easy to find new reads at Amazon, easy to find categories and I stick to authors I love but also seek out recommendations that are posted on forums. I currently have about 900 reads on my kindle, 95% lesbian.

Erin: What was the last LesFic you just finished reading?
Dy: Audio was The Wrong Woman by [Retzig, Jane]The Wrong Woman by Jane Retzig; read was Requiem for Immortals by Lee Winter.

Erin: How often do you seek out new authors and what makes you consider their work?
Dy: I am seeking out new talent all the time. I always have a list of titles and authors that I wish to check out, then I go online and buy up or at least look at what they offer, it doesn’t always work as one person’s love is not necessarily for me. I look for length of work, the plot the genre, the characters I do not stick to just one style of read but do search for well written even if the subject isn’t my norm, good succinct writing is such a pleasure.

Erin: What LesFic are you currently reading?
Dy: The Rosebush MurdersThe Rosebush Murders (A Helen Mirkin novel Book 1) by [Shidlo, Ruth] by Ruth Shidlo

Erin: Is there one LesFic story that really touched you or whose main character you really connected to?
Dy: I have read many books where the story will always stay with me, generally it is a read that is so different, strong, exciting, engaging, like Fletcher DeLancey, Cate Culpepper, Catherine Wilson or Annette De Burgh for example. Fabulous work and they just fill me with awe.

Erin: Is there any type of LesFic story that you tend not to read? Why?
Dy: I stay away from short reads/novella’s, I don’t mind short stories but put them into a short story book that is far more satisfying. I tend to leave very young love stories alone, been there done that unless there is a twist. Erotica has to be good, I have read some really appalling ones so am more prudent in my search there. I am very open to getting out of my comfort zone and to be challenged. I love to support authors but also expect bang for my buck. I love long reads and series if the series stays fast packed engaging and not just a pull you in then shorten the books, drives me nuts that. Authors need to know we are discerning readers and if one doesn’t please well then there are thousands more to choose from. Hmmm that sound hard but not everyone can afford 200 page or less books for $10 when there are others free or for $4 bang for buck.

Erin: And just because… Sex scene or fade to black?
Dy: Depends on the author. Some do it very well but generally, unless it is erotica once in a novel is enough and then let it fade out we know what they are up to, oh unless it is something way new.