Hootenanny 2016 – Day 9

A tangled ball of Christmas lights

You made it! Day 9! But guess what? WE ARE STILL GOING STRONG UP IN HERE. That’s right. This party DOES NOT STOP FOR TWELVE DAYS. The elves don’t suddenly decide to have a bit of a lie-down around this time and oh, la-di-da we’re just going to lounge and binge-watch Star Wars. No. They’re on their third wind or whatever it is and it’s about this time that the parties are in serious full-swing because they manage to get the entire block in on it and right now there are reindeer line dances on the neighbors’ roofs while the elves are drag-racing in Barbie cars down the middle of the street. The neighbors love that, because it’s the elves doing their version of the Fast and the Furious. Which, fortunately, end up in snow banks.

One of the neighbors was kind enough to fire up the grill so we had turkey burgers and veggie burgers as a nice change from the constant pizza diet. I’m sure the delivery people were bummed, though, that they couldn’t see what we’re up to down here. Still, the elves do like midnight pizza, so there’s that. The drivers may yet get another round of cookies.

Tucker has found possible recruits for the Hootenanny...
Tucker has found possible recruits for the Hootenanny…

Meanwhile, Tucker has indeed been recruiting. I mean, we appreciate the extra help, but I wonder if this might be too many elves in the kitchen, if you get my drift — oh, geez. They’re now playing Supergirl and flinging off the ceiling fan and flying across the room to land in big piles of tinsel and couch cushions. It’s actually really funny…omg…stop…lol

Okay, let’s get on with it! LOL

To get in on today’s drawing, leave a comment below. One entry per person per day (share the luv), though feel free to chat with others if you want. We’ll just take one of those comments, though. Make sure you include your email address in the comment fill-out form, but NOT the comment body. The elves reported a sighting of Interweb spider drones, looking for email addresses to exploit. So be careful! We keep your addressed locked up in the peppermint vault, so it’s all good.

We close the blog at 10 PM EST US time (world clock linkie) and then we immediately fire up our drawing machine. We gift prizes in the order they appear below. So the first person drawn wins the first book/swag listed; the second the second, and so on. If we did not do this, I can honestly report an explosion of heads in the back and that’s even worse than the tinsel bombs. For real.

Authors, if you have a book in today’s list, please do not enter the drawing. That ain’t right, to win your own book, after all.

Here’s your tune for today:
[HINT: “Frosty the Snowman“]
Tucker the book elf…is a funny, merry soul
with a bright red hat…a glass of ‘nog
and popcorn in his bowl

Tucker the book elf…loves the Hootenanny days
cuz he runs around…covers lots of ground
it’s magic so they say

There’s tons of books all over here, everywhere we found
and when we give them all away, Tucker dances ’round

OHHHHH Tucker the book elf…is dancing all the time
and we all see…the fun he brings…
to this here Hoot-eh-nan-eeeeeeeeee!

And now, BEHOLD! THE LIST! Have fun and good luck!

GAIL CARRIGER – Winner Kim Dyke

Bestselling and award-winning steampunk author Gail Carriger is offering ONE ebook copy of her F/F novella Romancing the Inventor, starring one of her well-known lesbian characters from her Parasol Protectorate series. Do join us for tea in the drawing room whilst we attempt to win this most fabulous ebook.

KINDLE FIRE EREADER! – Winner Vicki Cooper

Women and Words is HOOKING ONE OF YOU UP with a Kindle Fire ereader. Deck the halls, y’all!

LEE WINTER – Winner Shari

Lee Winter has ONE ebook of the Red Files for you. In this mystery, a journalist spars with a rival on the circuit, but they might have to work together to unravel an incredible story.


Award-winning author Caren is offering ONE ebook copy of Cast Me Gently to a lucky winner! In 1980 America, follow Tessa and Ellie as they meet and fall in love.

NICOLE LINSSENS – Winners Encarnita McCourt and Alex

Nicole is offering TWO ebook copies of Liaisons, which explores the relationship of two close friends and their extended network.

S. ANDREA ALLEN – Winner Michelle

S. Andrea Allen is offering ONE ebook copy of Solace: Writing, Refuge, and LGBTQ Women of Color to a winner. In this collection of poetry and prose, authors explore pain, solace, and survival strategies.

D. JACKSON LEIGH – Winner Karen

Multiple award-winning author D. Jackson Leigh is offering a WINNER’S CHOICE, ebook, of any of her books. Like, maybe that one pictured? The brand new one? HMMMM! Go see!

FIONA ZEDDE – Winner Val Williams

Fiona has ONE copy of her latest, Rise of the Rain Queen, ebook or paperback (US only on paperback) for a lucky winner. Nyandoro is a favorite in the village, but she might test even the most indulgent when she desires the wife of a village elder, and she may lose everything but find much more instead…

SANDRA de HELEN – Winners Dani, Margaret Pas, and Mary Fran Galat

Sandra has THREE ebook copies of the second installment in her Shirley Combs and Dr. Mary Watson mystery series, The Illustrious Client. In Portland, OR, a young international pop star needs the help of the dynamic duo. Win to see what happens.

HARPER BLISS – Winner Wende Ellis

Harper’s got some sexy-time for y’all — ONE ebook set of her French Kissing trilogy, two winners! Three seasons of lesbian romance set in Paris. Serialized for your binge-reading pleasure.

SARAH GOODWIN – Winner SandyShip

Sarah has ONE paperback (anywhere) copy of her historical hardscrabble romance Night Fires in the Distance, set in the 19th-century Indian Territory.

MJ DUNCAN – Winner Linda

MJ has ONE ebook copy of Second Chances. Charlie’s professional life is in good shape, but her personal life is another story. She takes a job and runs into someone she didn’t expect to see again.

ANN APTAKER – Winner bookishbutchesq, kendahlj, and K Aten

Lammy winner Ann Aptaker is offering THREE ebooks of Criminal Gold. Midnight. New York Harbor. 1949. Cantor Gold, dapper dyke-about-town and smuggler of fine arts is waiting under a bridge for a racketeer. And then things go sideways…

AURORA REY – Winner nerdgirl1115

Aurora has ONE advanced copy, ebook or paperback (anywhere) of Crescent City Confidential. It’s due out in Feb. Mystery writer Sam ends up in New Orleans where she sets her sights on Tess. But something is at work to keep them apart.

M ULLRICH – Winner Anna Furtado

M Ullrich is offering ONE ebook or paperback (US only on paperback) of Life in Death. Marty and Suzanne have been through a lot together, but the terminal cancer diagnosis of their child drives them apart to divorce. But there might still be hope…

GAËLLE CATHY – Winners Denise, Barbara G, and Pat H.

There are THREE ebook copies up of One Breath at a Time, all ready for your ereaders. 21-year-old Alecia falls in love at first sight with a photographer who may have a devastating smile, but she has something else, too…

HEATHER MCVEA – Winner lesficreader and Antoinette

Heather has TWO copies of November’s End, Kindle or paperback (US only on paperback) for two winners. Early 20th-century Baltimore, where Calina is trying to raise her family on her own. And then she meets Nessa.

BECKY HARMON – Winner Mercedes Lewis

Becky is putting up ONE ebook copy of her romantic thriller Tangled Mark. Two agents working on the down-low, but one doesn’t know she’s been targeted as a leak by the other.

ALISON R. SOLOMON – Winners Pam and Windfeather

Alison is offering TWO ebook copies of Along Came the Rain to TWO winners. Wynn seems to be losing her memory, and she’s in jail, accused of kidnapping 2 teenaged foster kids. Her partner is trying to unravel the mystery, worried about Wynn’s memory and what might have happened.

VICTORIA AVILAN – Winners Cheryl H and Margaret

Award-winning author Victoria has TWO ebook copies for TWO winners of A Small Country About to Vanish. A sweeping tale that follows two childhood sweethearts as they come of age and face impossible choices.

ANNE HAGEN – Winner Carolyn McBride

Anne is offering ONE ebook or paperback (US only on paperback) copy of Broken Women to a winner. What do you do when you lose the love of your life and then almost everything else? Is there a chance for anything more? Win and find out.

GEORGIA BEERS – Winner April

Award-winning romance author Georgia has ONE ebook copy of her romance, Rescued Heart (Puppy Love series) ready for you! Welcome to Junebug Farms animal rescue, where Lisa is in charge of intakes and adoptions. She never expected to meet somebody like volunteer Ashley, and sparks just might fly.


Genta has ONE ebook copy of this YA novel, Riding the Rainbow. Two young girls in the 5th grade. One has two moms and she’s bullied because of it. But the other has two dads, and she keeps it secret.

JESSIE CHANDLER – Winner Erica L. Collins

Award-winning caper mystery author Jessie has ONE ebook or paperback (US only on paperback) copy of Blood Money Murder ready to go. In this one, there’s a secret. Twenty-five years of one. That’s where it always starts, with a secret. And then things get crazy.


Michelle has ONE ebook copy of her debut YA novel, The Space Between. Harper is the most popular girl in 9th grade, but she can’t stop thinking about the reclusive, religious Sarah.

KAT EVANS – Winners Kas and mebuchanan

Kat is offering TWO epub copies of The Space Between Our Hearts. Ex-cop who goes PI in a small Georgia town is hired by a wealthy socialite. Sparks just might fly.

NATALIE VIVIEN – Winners stephanie I and Mary

Natalie has TWO ebook copies of Cross My Heart. Archaeologist Alex is not interested in commitment. But then she meets librarian and ghost-hunter Trudy and maybe, just maybe, things could change.


Patty has ONE ebook copy of The Missing Page, a book in the Brenda Strange PI mystery series. This time, there’s a rare, handwritten manuscript and it might be tied to murder.

ROBYN NIX – Winner Melissa Whisenant

Robyn has ONE ebook or paperback (UK only on paperback), of Never Enough for a winner. In this romantic thriller, a journalist and a film star end up in each other’s orbits, but there’s danger afoot…

YLVA PRIDE ANTHOLOGY – Winner radicalspaces
Women and Words will hook ONE winner up with a paperback (anywhere) copy of the Ylva Pride anthology: 6 short stories by Jove Belle, Fletcher DeLancey, Lee Winter, Jae, Andi Marquette, and Emma Weimann.


 – Winner Hayde
BOLD STROKES BOOKS is offering ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE. Go check out the wares.

 – Winners Kate L
DESERT PALM PRESS has TWO books to give away, either ebook or paperback (wherever). Two winners, winner’s choice of books. Check ’em out.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-4-08-46-pm – Winner Beth Goodman
AFFINITY EBOOKS has ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE! Start picking now

  – Winner Sarah
SAPPHIRE BOOKS is offering ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE! Choose wisely

 – Winner goremixx
YLVA PUBLISHING is giving away ONE ebook, WINNER’S CHOICE! Here you go.


  1. Please lock me in your peppermint fault for another day of Hootenanny while I go find another terabyte of storage to add all the wonderful books, which have been so generously donated by the authors and publishers for this event, to my vastly growing wish list. 😘

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  2. Another great day for reading….wait, every day is a great day to read! Thanks authors and the wonderful ladies at Women and Words!



  3. So many great reads and the people who wrote them. Thanks again to all involved. Even Tucker!! Please put my name in for today. Thanks.



  4. Another great day! I know all the elves must be working their tales off! Are they taking their vitamins? 😄



  5. Ahhh, in the Hootenanny and holiday spirit, I’m re-reading Andi’s “The Bureau of Holiday Affairs” … I didn’t even intentionally time it … just finished latest NEW lesfic novel … now I go back to re-read the ‘only-read-once-so-far’ fairly newish purchase lesfic novels! Always up for more … 🙂


  6. Sooo… Episode 7 of Westworld had a serious plot twist, and Super Mario Run became available today. And in between I’m reading a book or two. Why? Because it’s the holidays and im squeezing in as much me-time as I can before the next semester starts beginning January and I have to start focusing again.


  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed this years hootenanny. Now I have a list of books to purchase in the coming year!! Thank you!!


  8. Day Nine of the Hootenanny and I would just like to say that I truly appreciate the work that goes into this undertaking and most of all thank the authors for generously offering the books for us all to enjoy.


  9. Thank you so much. If I had truly paid attention, I too would be hootin’ all of he other 7 days I missed.


  10. The elves really have been cheering me up this year. Thank you so much to all the generous authors, and to poor Andi and Jove, who are probably going to be stuck with a hefty housecleaning bill next week, if not a couple fines from the city.
    The unexpected best part for me has been seeing all the books. SO MANY!!! So many books and authors I never knew existed!! It’s a lot to look forward to.


  11. Can’t believe it’s Day 9 already! Only 3 days left after this. Looking forward to discovering more books and authors. Thanks again to all.


  12. *blows on the dice and tosses them down the felt* Here’s hoping for a winner! Love it all, keep up the wonderful, insanity-stealing work!



  13. Go Tucker!!! Spread the word, more recruits are needed to help with the Hootenanny 🙂 Eggnog + popcorn + books = heaven to an avid reader 🤓📚 So many wonderful books to feast my eyes upon, my days have been merry thanks to Hootenanny!!!



  14. Reblogged this on Yvonne Heidt and commented:

    Day 9 of the Hootenanny! No one is taking any breaks up in here! Hit the link, read the blog, check out the plethora of books available. Please leave a comment for a chance to win books and swag 🙂


  15. Yay, day 9! 😊 Do you find all the Barbie cars at the end of the day or do some show up only after the snow melts?
    Thank you one and all.


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  16. This is so fantastic. Can’t believe there are so many writers that I haven’t read yet. I am totally amazed.


  17. Hohohohoho. Big hurah for Jove and Andi for not only organizing this amazing Hootenanny day after day and making it such a amazing experience. Neither egg nog nor pizza can get you off track et cetera et cetera. Cheers to that. Love you for doing this. You’re swell girls. Warm hugs from the Netherlands


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  18. I’m in! Hoping for the Kindle Fire Ereader! Please! Today may be my lucky 🍀 day! Yes, please! I hope! 😍🎃😇👍🎄🎁🎅🏻


  19. The Hootenanny continues to be awesome! What great books and prizes! Thanks for giving me a boost of holiday spirit every day.


  20. Simply amazing giveaways. And who says you can’t have a Star Wars marathon going on in the background? It just adds to the ambience.


  21. The sun has finally poked through the clouds here on the mountain and a beautiful blue sky has appeared. I’ve put the rescue elves to work painting so I can drink beer and eat chips in the supervisory role. I think I like it! Happy Hootenanny!!


  22. Pretty sure someone is playing a trick n has turned the clock forward…It was only Day 2 u
    yesterday…wasn’t it?
    Good luck everyone. 😀


  23. Wow you Elves are really upping the ante here…a Kindle Ereader and Supergirl all on one page! I didn’t think it could get any better but it just did!

    I’ve only got one thing to say about that: MORE CHOCOLATE.

    Ok, two things: THANK YOU and best of luck to everyone … Especially those who have yet to win something!


  24. the great generosity here
    astounds and can’t fail to endear.
    we make our requests,
    but they go by so fast
    as we watch all the gifts disappear!


  25. Steampunk?! Day 9 is mine – mine, mine, mine, mine. mine . . . . .
    Oh, dreadfully sorry. What I meant was, wouldn’t it be lovely to win any of the generously donated works for today’s Hootenanny. And most especially a steampunk romance. Yes, that’s the ticket.


  26. It’s always a good time to fire up the grill! My TBR pile is getting huge! Thanks for helping me find so many new authors!


  27. Day 9 already! Where has the time gone! Thank you all for your hard work in making this Hootenany happen! 🙂


  28. Love the hootenanny! Thank you to all the elves for putting this together, and the authors and publishers


  29. It’s been a very long day and I don’t remember if I posted here today, if so please forgive the duplication. Thank you for Day 9!


  30. I missed the last couple days, but I’m here for Day 9! Thank you to everyone for sharing your books, and congrats to everyone who has received them so far!


  31. I’ve read 60 books this year (many for the radio book club), and this contest has made me aware that there are many, many more I need to read. Yay for inspiration such as this!


  32. I’m so going to miss this when it’s done. It’s more than winning and the generous donations of the authors. It’s about drawing us together, giving us a sense of belonging.


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