Retreat is not an option

2016 was the year I realized retreat was not an option.

I have no choice. Either speak from my heart, regardless of the consequences, or die a slow death of regret. I’m a writer. I choose my voice.

I choose a creativity that embraces my complexity. The intersectionality that makes each of us unique individuals. This year taught me that I could no longer separate these distinct parts.

I’m a retired career cop who believes Black Lives Matter.

I love my family and friends, but will not tolerate bigotry or hate for the sake of some twisted idea of harmony.

I’m a veteran who loves my country enough to question leadership that I believe threatens our way of life.

I’m a wayward Christian who rejects religious leaders who stoke the fires of racism, homophobia, sexism, and violence.

I’m a proud liberal who will no longer cower in the face of right-wing bullies.

As a writer, I believe I have an obligation to use my voice to speak out. Last year I found my voice writing about police reform. It’s a topic fraught with pitfalls when you go against the grain, even when speaking out feels necessary. The dangerous time we live in requires that we speak truth to power.wac2017_quote

Digging deep for our inner truth is hard. Sometimes it will hurt. I will probably piss some people off. But, I believe if I speak my truth, I will truly find my tribe.

I stepped away from my pen three years ago. The reasons don’t matter anymore because the series of life-changing events that followed shook my foundation and changed me forever. The universe has a way of getting our attention.

A period of self-reflection and inner critique led me to a better understanding of who I am. I’m nowhere near finished, but I’m confident in the direction my heart must go. I know I have to write.

In 2017, my writing as LM will encompass all sides of me. My topics will be varied. Lesbian fiction author, civil rights agitator, feminist, patriot, humble searching human.

I hope you’ll come along on the journey.

Wishing everyone peace this New Year.



  1. Thank you so much for your words. Very insightful & full of wisdom. We all need to hear from others so that we can chart our own path in these dangerous times.

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  2. I’m along for the journey and happy to see you back. ‘Rebound’ is a one of my favorite books, that story has been one of the unforgettable books I’ve read.

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  3. Well said, Lynnette. We each must find our truth and the expression of it. In these times it takes courage, but if we choose expression over suppression, we are living that truth.


  4. I’m super proud of you for having the courage to stand up and speak out. I’m happy you’re back to a place where writing and using your voice feels good. You’ve been missed.

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  5. Thanks LM! I needed to hear/read/see that–and all the responses to your no retreat stance. May we always remember what a force we are when we MOVE FORWARD–not backward in retreat or cowering in fear, shame. disgust, or any of those other ugly feelings we may have had recently.

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  6. I am so incredibly happy to have your voice back, not only for me and for lesfic, but for the world. The things you have to say are so important, and it’s done so eloquently it gives me goosebumps. I’m on your team!!!

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  7. Thank you for your insightful post. I hope I will become enlightened and uplifted by your future writings. I will support your efforts during these challenging times. I, too, am a woman who also wore a uniform and continues to serve the public as an advocate for equal ,and fair health care for all of us. Thank you. Anne

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    • Thank you for your service, Anne. I believe that there is much to be said in the cavernous space between sides, particularly between police and the community. I cannot be silent, when refusing to listen or acknowledge hard truths means that officers and citizens keep dying. If you’d like, please check out my other space, I’ll be covering topics more regularly, in between my W&W day. Thanks again.


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