It’s that time again…

January 11, 2017 marks my first blog since the Hootenanny. Rather than some heartfelt insight, which I’m sure is overdue on my part, I’m going to do a little housekeeping.


If you won a book at the Hootenanny but haven’t yet received your book, please let us know. By now, everyone should have gotten the hook up.

Guest Blogs

We’re booked through most of February at this point, so if you want to do a guest blog with us, know that you’re looking at several weeks from now. It’s best to put in your requests early. 🙂

Writing Goals

For 2017, I of course have some writing goals. I’m sharing them here because it’s always nice to have an archive to look back at. I’ll probably post something about it on my personal website as well.

  • Add 3-6 short stories to the freebie section on my website.
  • Finish Bitterroot Queen. This book is threatening to kill me.
  • Write a second, as yet untitled, novel.
  • Write a third, as yet untitled, novel or possibly novella.
  • Research the hell out of human trafficking.

That’s it for me. What are your writing goals for 2017?


As many of you know, Andi Marquette and I do a week in review of the comings and goings here at Women and Words. You can check it out at The Lesbian Talk Show. Yes, we go off on tangents. The world is more fun that way.

Also, I do a podcast with Blythe Rippon called Badass Women Save Themselves. It’s all about feminist representation in pop culture, which is to say we talk about badass women on TV and in the movies and other such places. You can check that out at our website or at The Lesbian Talk Show.

Welcome to 2017!




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