Fangirl Friday: Things going on

Ugh, you guys. I’ve spent most of this week sick with some kind of cootie-ridden virus and as a result just was not in the right space to fangirl. That is, to write about it. Had one of those head cold thingies where your head feels like it’s really tight and your eyes hurt just to look at things. I did manage to get some more Orphan Black watching in, so hopefully next Friday I’ll fangirl that.

So today I just thought I’d pass along some newz and things that I’m looking forward to.

The #Sanvers ship on Supergirl has gone full-on SERIOUS! Like, Alex totally referred to Maggie as her “girlfriend.” omg.

And this happened:

But the response is epic:


If you’re not watching Supergirl, Season 1 is available on Netflix and it’s about 8 episodes in on S2. It’s a lot of fun (Lynda Carter doing guest appearances in some episodes as THE PRESIDENT, people!), and the #Sanvers ship is fun too, and there’s a ship for Lena Luthor and Kara (Supergirl), #Supercorp. #Sanvers has gone canon. And yes, it’s exactly what we need right now.

Alex Danvers (left) and Maggie Sawyer. (source)
Alex Danvers (left) and Maggie Sawyer. (source)

As for #Supercorp…dunno. But it’s fun to ship. And the whole show is great escapism.

Moving along, for those who are going to watch, The 100 season 4 launches Wednesday, Feb. 1st on the CW. There’s currently a movement in the Clexa fandom encouraging folks not to watch or to watch by means that will not benefit the show and drive up its viewership. This is still fallout over Lexa’s death and the fulfillment of the kill the gays trope and I’m in a bit of agreement with it.


Lexa was an amazing character, and completely stole the hearts and minds of thousands of LGBTQ people. She was physically and emotionally strong, with issues that made her oh, so human and she loved Clarke with every fiber of her being and Clarke returned that love and…kill the gays trope. I’ve already unpacked this elsewhere, but I will say that there is still a lot of anger out there directed at the showrunner and I think rightfully so, especially given the circumstances of Lexa’s death in the show and the way that the showrunner and apparently some of the writers baited the fans to watch and the showrunner himself live Tweeted the episode in which Lexa dies 67 seconds after she consummates with Clarke and his reaction was something like “oh, wow! Didn’t see that coming!” Really? That’s your reaction? So many homophobic tropes were activated in the death of this character…I can’t even.

So I have a lot of empathy and sympathy for this fandom and what we lost. And certainly, a showrunner doesn’t have to do anything that fans want. But again, the circumstances surrounding Lexa’s death and the contortions the plot had to take to get it to work…really?

At any rate, this fandom is still raw and I get it.


So how about some other stuff?

The Expanse season 2 is getting ready for viewing. It also drops Feb. 1 on SyFy. Jahkotta Lewis at Black Girl Nerds raved about it — she’s seen the first four episodes and I’ll tell you what, from that alone, I’ll be tuning in. She also raved about S1, and holy shit, I didn’t realize it’s a space opera so WTF have I been doing not watching it? I’m going to get right on that!

And the Wynonna Earp cast n’ crew have been filming since mid-December, at work on Season 2. Speculation abounds about when precisely S2 starts, but it’s a 12-episode run, down from S1’s 13 episodes but CLOSE ENOUGH! (corrected because of comment below! THANKS!) And again, shout-out to the WE fandom, who made this possible. Seriously. The fans lobbied HARD for S2, and BOOM. I’ll tell you what, I love the WE fandom. There’s a lot of energy there, passion, and fun and they do a lot of good works.

Completely gratuitous shot of the WayHaught ship. Waverly on the left, Nicole on the right.
Completely gratuitous shot of the WayHaught ship. Waverly on the left, Nicole on the right.

For those not in the know, WE is based on a comic. It was adapted for screen by writer/showrunner/producer Renaissance woman Emily Andras, of Lost Girl fame. Andras is a fab LGBTQ ally and has demonstrated that time and again, so WE includes a F/F ship between Officer Nicole Haught and Wynonna’s sister Waverly. And it is so cute. omg. Anyway, I’ve fangirled over it in the past. It’s a fun, snarky, seriously grrl-power, paranormal romp with an excellent cast. Looking for escapism? This is it.

Oh, and another show that my colleague in crime here at Women and Words Jove Belle actually turned me onto is Emerald City. That’s on NBC, Friday nights. It’s a…well, an alt-Oz. In this version, Dorothy is a Latina nurse who ends up in a tornado that dumps her in the Land of Oz. She ends up in a cop car during this tornado and she and the police dog end up in Oz and…you have to watch. It’s a mix of steampunk, dystopia, and tense cultural and political factions. If you can’t catch it on NBC and you have Hulu, they’re streaming episodes there. It’s only 3 in (the premiere is 2 hours and there have been 2 hour-long since) and it’s a ride. The vision of the creative team on this…yowza. screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-7-33-30-pm

Friends, I know that shit is real out there in the world. I hear you. I see it. I get it. But you have to take care of yourselves and your spirits because we’ve got some long-ass battles ahead of us and some hard-ass work. It is so important that you not lose your creative spirits and that you retain your imagination and all the places it can take you. That’s your core, and you need it. Fandoms can help. Escapism can be healthy. So engage with fandoms, engage with the world around you, try to limit the toxicity you deal with, and share love. Stick together, friends.

May the odds be ever in our favor.


  1. No, I was fine in that one. We recorded it last Friday. I didn’t get sick until Sunday. I was, however, on the road that Friday and was recording from an undisclosed location. 🙂


  2. Hope you feel better ASAP. Love this mix of assorted fangirling subjects. Danvers makes me so happy. If they kill off either character I may have to boycot CW, but I think (and hope) they have learned their lesson.

    Also thanks for the links the other day. Theyve been a big help. Looking forward to your Orphan Black fangirl take next Friday. Take it easy.


  3. Get well soon Andi Marquette! Yes escapism is in high demand to keep me whole and sane. Thanks for creating these great posts and the podcasts as well.


  4. Hope you feel better soon!

    Season 1 of Wynonna Earp had 13 episodes. Season 2 was originally supposed to have 10 episodes, but was upped to 12. I love Wynonna Earp. The show itself is excellent. I’d watch it even if WayHaught wasn’t a thing. Emily and the cast and crew are all really great to the fandom, and really interactive, which is something you don’t see very often. Even SyFy has been super positive about the relationship, and supportive of it, which is something I’ve never really seen them do. (I personally think they’re trying to make up for the travesty that was the final season of Warehouse 13. I will forever be bitter about Bering and Wells.) I’m really looking forward to season 2 of Wynonna Earp.

    I am way behind on Supergirl, but I’ve been keeping up with Sanvers. I need to get caught up on the show.

    I’ve saw a couple of ads for Emerald City, and was planning on checking it out, but haven’t yet. I think I might this weekend. I love steampunk, and I love dystopian societies, but those two together is (sadly) not something that happens very often, so I’m definitely interested.

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  5. Hey! Sorry you’re down with a cold. I’m on my way to have a root canal this afternoon. 😦 Hope we both feel better soon! Still lovin’ your writing!


  6. I really hope you are feeling much better, Andi. You don’t deserve those cooties!
    I’m having a tough time with the world. I’m more of a ball of stress each and every day, and I don’t know how we can sustain this for (6 months? 2 years? 4 years??) – it’s only been a week!!! So I’m trying to devote mandatory reading time, unplugged from the news and Twitter. I haven’t succeeded yet, but I have to figure something out. I sure do appreciate everyone here, the writers and the readers and all the commenters. Thank you all for being so lovely, and making a safe space here!

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  7. Emerald City Spoilers within!!! I kind of watch Emerald City, which means that I’m in the room while my wife is watching and usually can’t ignore it. One of the interesting plot points in this series is a young boy who is being held captive and given “medicine” by a village witch. When Dorothy and the Scarecrow come to her for help, they end up rescuing the boy. When the medicine that he brought along runs out, he turns into a girl. I find his reaction to his situation extremely engaging. It’s exploring gender identity, and the perception of others based on outward appearances. After all, they all see a girl, but on the inside, he’s a boy, because that’s how he knew himself as he was growing up.


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