I Can’t – I Just Can’t

I’ve been saying that for weeks now. “I can’t, I just can’t.”

I. Just. Can’t.

It’s an Empath’s nightmare.

Better than of half of America is in anguish.

The other half is – I don’t know. I just can’t.

I have to ask the question again – Are they in denial – or just stupid  ignorant?

I don’t know anymore.

I have to say this again: The level of ignorance I’m witnessing is astronomical.

I’m reminded of the Roman Dictators.

Conquer, conquer, conquer. Enslave, oppress, and give the common people – I don’t know football maybe? Kind of like the bloody gladiator “games.” That are played in  stadiums – coliseums?

I just cant.

The stuff going on behind closed doors – I just can’t

The stuff being done in the open – with support from his “yes-men.”

I just can’t.

The ban: I just can’t.

I am crippled emotionally – yet I can’t stop watching the news or my newsfeed.

Most of my waking moments are spent filled with dread.

I just can’t.

Everytime I check – there’s some new atrocity.

I keep thinking this has to be a freaking joke. Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out and tell us all we’ve been punked.

I was, however uplifted a tiny bit by the Politicians standing up on the Today show this morning.

But the rest of this nightmare?

I just can’t.

Again, I had a different blog for written for today. A funny (I hoped) light-hearted glimpse into Vonnieland and how it operates around here.

But today – I just can’t.

So, instead – I’m going to tell you of a little girl who with droopy bobby socks and scabbed knees stood in a line with children of all colors and recited this:


“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.”

Please share your stories – do  you remember this?  Are you part of the generation who did this EVERY morning at school?




  1. I remember this. I remember the first African-American kid that was bussed to our school (I grew up in the middle of Iowa). I remember the first time I had to deal with the death of a friend and schoolmate. They didn’t bring in grief councilors then, you just had to deal with it on your own.
    I remember when I was proud to be an American and proud to serve this country in the Army protecting its citizens from Ivan the Russian and his communist beliefs. I remember feeling that I would follow the presidents orders, no matter what harm it led me into.
    I can’t remember a time that I was so scared to be an American, lesbian, living in the south with a bunch of ignorant ‘lets lynch ’em’ reflects. I can’t remember a time when I was so disgusted in our President and our government. I can’t remember ever waking up on the morning after election and feeling like I would rather be dead than live 4 years under the direction of a ignorant, self-centered, bigoted, (fill in your own thoughts here), Orangeman. I can’t put down in words here how I feel and what I wish for every day when I open the Washington Post on my tablet.
    I just hope we all live through these next year’s, I hope you all have someone with whom you can confide in and go to if it ever feels too much to bear. We all have lost so much and I hope we don’t lose any more.
    Thanks for reading my morning rage. I now return you to your coffee.

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  2. Don’t they still do the Pledge in schools? I have no idea. But I’m old enough to remember when “under God” was inserted into the text. We were rehearsing a version of the Pledge set to music in my Junior High chorus, and suddenly we had to alter it to fit in the two new words. To match the rhythm, we had to do two lines–“One nation under God/ One nation indivisible.”

    Even back then I wondered why we were pledging allegiance to the flag, rather than to the country itself or to the Constitution, but it’s true that “flag” fit the meter of the song better. Later I found out that the Pledge had originally been written for a Boy Scout magazine, presumably as part of their tradition of raising and lowering the flag.

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    • I don’t remember it changing – But no, they don’t do it anymore. I remember being called to the line before we went into our grammar school classes. Single file with our hands over our hearts. San Francisco when I was growing up – was a melting pot – I don’t remember any discrimination – Maybe with age I’m candy coating it – but I don’t remember prejudice in our household or school. I was stuck on the “and justice for all.” Thank you for sharing your memories and the origin of where it came from.


  3. Oh, and I meant to also say that in our musical rendition–I have no idea who wrote it–the last line, “With Liberty and Justice for All,” was repeated, and clearly the most important of all.

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  4. I think that most of us, in the more than 1/2 of the population feel cheated. Now we’re stuck with president who wants to RULE us not lead us forward into the future where we ALL win, not just the top.01%. I was in the group that did recite the Pledge everyday when I was young, now that’s almost a crime. I lived thru the Bay of Pigs, the killing of a POPULAR president, and worried about Nuclear war. I remember the Nuns having us crawl under our desks during an Air Raid drill, like that little desk would protect us all. Now my wife and I talk about building a bomb shelter, how sad is that. This is 2017 not 1963! I feel mad, scared and disgusted at the things that are happening. The old rules don’t apply anymore and I don’t know how to help change them. I’m almost 66 years old, What happens if he screws up my Medicare and Social Security ? Everything is in such turmoil. I Can’t-I Just Can’t.
    Thanks for the chance to vent.

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    • That’s what this blog was for. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hadn’t thought about the bomb shelters. You know the 2% have them. Maybe that’s their goal. To wipe us out. “disgusted.” That’s a good word for all of us. It’s not like I had a whole bunch of faith in the Old Adminstration – I’ve been saying for years that our little individual votes didn’t count – and this election has proved me right. I’m flabbergasted, really. What was the Roman’s name – Caligua? Yes, that’s what I’m reminded of.


  5. I just can’t either. Every morning I wake up in disbelief at the new atrocities being inflicted on our Constitution and on justice and equality. I was born in 1952 and so I was in the generation that recited the Pledge of Allegiance in rows with our hands over our hearts. I also hid under my desk in a Cuban Bay of Pigs drill (in Texas City, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico). It was when I was the ONLY American in my primary school in 1960-61 in Fawley, England, that I learned a different perspective. Our teacher, Mr. Quibell, was somewhat apologetic when we learned about the Revolutionary War in our fourth form class. I learned to look at events from others’ viewpoints, which has served me well through the years. Alternative facts are lies! Immigrants are people! I can’t even.

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  6. Great post! 11/9/16 felt to me like that scene from Back to the Future II, when Marty ends up in the center of Hill Valley there is a huge hi-rise, and nuclear plants and the Hells Angels trying to run him down. Every day since has felt like opposites day. I was a huge news junkie before the election, but starting on Wed 11/9/16, I HAD to turn it all off. Only now am I beginning to read a source now and then. There is no point in being “up on the news/current events,” because every day there is a new affront to human decency. For your own sanity, maybe tune in once a week. This time in history is going to be the most challenging since the late 1960’s.

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    • Unfortunately the orc-horde are moving so fast that so much damage may have been done in a week it will be impossible to roll back.

      Even here in Canada we are not insulated from the spread of their particular strain of virulence … politicians hate-mongering, massacres in mosques, hard-won environmental and social victories being eroded.

      I agree with you in principle, stepping back from the media overload is the only sane thing to do, but please don’t stay away from taking action for too long.

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