Defining Resistance

No matter what your political affiliation, I think we can all agree the last week and a half have been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. I keep trying to balance the desire to be informed with the need to insulate from all the external happenings that threaten my sanity. Not an easy task.

The biggest toll is the affect on my productivity. Too much news, too much hate and hurt – it’s paralyzing. I leave positive comments on social media, volunteer for worthy causes, and donate money to organizations that have the power to make a difference, but it never feels like enough to shake the grip of fear about the future.

a-more-perfect-union-300-dpiBut I have to fight the fear, because I have a future to live for and a family to help support. I have to keep writing not only because it’s my job, but because making sure we’re reflected in stories is necessary now more than ever.

So last week I started writing my next book, A More Perfect Union. It’s a political thriller, set in D.C., but instead of being a story bogged down with the antics we’ve seen from some of our leaders recently, this tale is populated with more heroes than villains. Sure, my heroines will encounter a fair share of drama and crisis, but you can count on them to be honorable, brave, and true. And while that may not reflect reality right now, I’m putting it out there as the kind of energy I’d like to attract for my own little world and the world at large. That’s how I resist.


  1. Loving this Marianne Williamson quote right now:

    “Don’t be oppositional, be transformational. Don’t let them bait you or scare you. Don’t react to the darkness, just respond with the light.”


  2. “Documenting” our lives and loves is so important right now as is shining a light on heroines, and our world certainly could use some heroic characters in D.C. right now. Can’t wait to read this one, keep up the good work!

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  3. I’m really looking forward to read more positive stories from the USA than recently. I’m from Switzerland but nevertheless, it troubles me what’s going on in D.C. Please keep fighting everybody. It’s worth the fight.

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  4. As I said in an earlier post elections are coming up in the Netherlands as well. I choose to believe that we make the difference by who we are and how we live. Mikrokosmos = makrokosmos. In my twenties I once wrote this little poem in Dutch. It helped me to start living instead of surviving. No longer held by my fears or my fear to be visible. The inadequate translation into English would be something like this (and of course the rhythm is lost… LOL):

    Stifling my tears,
    I take a leap into the dark, dark night.

    As always,
    Awaits me.

    To let ourselves be rendered immobile by our fears is the worst thing we can do right now. These powers feed on fear. We’ll just continu to live love and love life. Thanks for being here cherished women.

    Thank you Carsen for writing this blog.
    Warm hugs

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  5. We’re all experiencing the shutting down of our creativity these days, Carson. I’m fighting the urge to hide as well. As I keep saying in all my blogs lately, we need to keep on doing what we do, and continue to represent ourselves in literature and let others like us know that they’re not alone. Write on, sister.

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