Year of the Rooster

I can’t believe it’s the first Thursday of February. What the hell happened to January? It’s frightening how fast time goes, isn’t it?

When I realized yesterday that it was February 1, it sent a bit of panic through me. I’m already behind on my writing goals! And, damn it, it’s already my turn again to blog!

Okay, calm down. Breathe. Too many things happened in January and you were distracted, that’s all.rooster

Indeed, I was distracted. A dictator took the office of President of the United States, there were rallies to attend, and news to spread. While the resistance must continue, I have to get back into some kind of normalcy. I have stories to finish writing and new ones to start, and the Muse waits for no one.

I mentioned in a Facebook post, as did many other people, that 2016 was a crappy year. My friend at work told me something that I found intriguing (it sounds like I’m digressing here, but I’m not, so bear with me a second). Last year, it was the year of the monkey on the Chinese calendar. I was born in a monkey year, and my friend said that whatever animal year you were born in, when it’s that year on the calendar, it will be a difficult year for you. Buddhists believe in going to temple at the beginning of a personally conflicting year to pray for luck.

I guess I should have gone to temple in January of last year because the year of the monkey was definitely difficult for this monkey. 2016 sucked. But it’s now 2017 and it’s the year of the rooster. Yes, 2017 sucks already for many, many reasons (and in some ways it feels like 1960), but I’m hoping that for me, on a personal level, things will be different. I’m hoping to be more successful in achieving my goals.

I don’t know if there’s any truth to that ancient Chinse wisdom that my friend shared, but I’m willing to believe it, if for no other reason than to have some hope.




  1. You’re not alone in that, 2016 sucked for me big time and now that 2017 is here it looks like I’m still getting the tail end of some of 2016 still, I’m optimistic that this year could end better than how it began. I’m looking forward to reading more books from you! 😃


  2. I’m a horse so I ought to be good this year but it isn’t starting out that way on a global level or a personal level. Once we were in that vacuum last year between the election and the inauguration I took a deep breath and worked my butt off to get a lot of administrative and marketing stuff done that I’d been putting off. The intent was, no matter what happened in the Whitehouse, I’d just write my butt off this year and maybe leave working aside from writing behind me. With all the crap going on, I’m behind on my writing schedule too.

    As much as I want to #resist and protest, there’s other work to be done too. As artists, we need to produce to feed the other aspects of our being. Starting yesterday, February 1st, I put my nose back against the grindstone metaphorically and committed to working on my book and story projects every day. I must do this and I will!


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