Don’t tell me to compromise

I warned you there might be a political rant or two coming in the near future. Last week a few folks really got me going, not because we had an honest disagreement about fake news or the insane dictator’s last tweet. This was far more personal and I believe dangerous for our collective futures.

Most of you have probably experienced the new conservative taunt calling us snowflakes or saying we still need to get over this election and stop throwing our temper tantrums. Whatever. I don’t need to tell most of the readers here that we’re marching and protesting for the very soul and survival of our country. So, it was a complete shock to me when a friend (says she’s libertarian, but that’s just a republican afraid to admit they are, right?) starts a discussion about the current SCOTUS pick. She says, c’mon Dems, he’s a good pick. Stop obstructing.

Obstructing? Are you kidding?

Here’s where things got crazy for me. This SCOTUS pick, Gorsuch, has a pretty dismal record on LGBT rights, most famously the Hobby Lobby case. This is a guy who we are told is our best choice. I had LGBT friends chime in on the discussion, indignantly insisting that this was the best we are going to get and we should get behind this nominee, and “pick our battles.” Presumably because they’ll get worse from here. One even scolded on a “tit for tat” and said she’s sick of it.

Sick of people fighting for our rights to live our lives free from legally sanctioned discrimination? Sick of fighting for her rights, too?

I realized in that moment that I’d had enough.

Honestly, my friends, I’m tired. I’m tired of people who want to sit on the sidelines and tell us all to play nice. I’m tired of people who tacitly support bigots who pass laws to chip away at our hard-won rights, or look the other way when people in their circles display open hatred toward us and other minorities. The ones who take the silent, easy road while others work tirelessly for better legal protections, or put themselves into the line of fire and risk even physical harm so that we can all have better lives. The ones making fun of the women in pussy hats from the comfort of their couch.

I watch the real damage being done behind the rapid-fire, executive decree, twitter storm, alt-fact media blitz, sham administration. These are tests. Tests on what our limits are. What we will accept as normal. How far will they go today? What outrageous assault on human rights will they pull back after public outcry, because they know the next one will seem less offensive? This strategy is real and we must be vigilant.

Here’s the real question before those of us who call ourselves liberals, democrats, or progressives: Have we learned the lesson? The GOP has taught us that Americans only respect total a-holes fighting for their cause. Compromise might be our natural inclination, but compromise is weak. Period. My friend still insisted we must take the higher ground. To what end? Progressives have no leverage in votes, so what will be gained by compromise in a system the GOP broke eight years ago?

We have an election that was directly influenced by the Russian Dictator. Our POTUS has thumbed his nose at every single value of our democracy and seems hell bent on rolling back the rights of our community, Muslims, Hispanics, women—well anybody not a heterosexual white male. He’s got a cabinet filled with white-supremacist, anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-minorities, anti-healthcare millionaires. The Congress is now unleashed to undo every social program and regulation that they despise, regardless of the consequences to us as citizens.

No, I don’t want elected Democrats to compromise. I want every Democrat and fair-minded person to stand their ground. What do we have other than our integrity? Stick to your principles and your constituency will reward you. The crowds in the streets are no longer interested in compromise. Neither am I.

I’m going to resist. I will march. I will write stories of resistance. I will do whatever it takes. What say you, friends?



  1. I say those of us in RED states, those of us who have ANY GOP candidates in Congress MUST have their local DNC chapter find out WHO DIDN’T vote and target them – the 60 million who voted GOP are lost to us as Americans – write them off, don’t waste time trying to get them to see the light. Get the 70 million who didn’t vote in our communities to vote the Democrat ticket to turn the House and Senate BLUE in 2019 and the White House Blue in 2021. We all must be activists volunteer for phone banks – donate to the DNC and local candidates. It is the only way to get change. Put our money if we have it where our words are and get out our vote.

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  2. Absolutely. I’m so sick of republicans criticizing us for all the things that they did while Obama was in office. I’m sick of the fact that a small number of states overly influence election results instead of one-person-one-vote. I’m sick of their fake news and the way they refuse to face facts. And yes, I’m sick of those people who think we should just lie down and roll over. Thanks for voicing your thoughts so eloquently!

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  3. I say “hell yeah!” I am sick of being told to just go along to get along. My super conservative brother, after I told him my concerns and fears, told me to embrace these changes with love and light. WTF??? Not to be concerned so much about individual concerns and desires. WTF??? I’m tired of all of this but if I have to drag my tired ass into the street and protest every damn day I will until the end of days! Resist Sisters and brothers! Do not let this become the status quo!

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  4. Absolutely sister dear!
    I cannot convey how much appreciating very much how you state it so eloquently without foul language — i have gotten to where i am no longer able to be a’la (the lovely) Michelle Obama advising “When they go low, we go high.”
    Sorry, i cannot. As a non-christian and not-out bisexual: if you are a bigot, and try disguising your BS as your-supposed-religious-rights, you get axed out of my life with a “F@#% off. Period. I am done with you.”
    I have (now-ex) friends trying apologetic bogusness “Oh, so you would throw away our friendship over political disagreement?”
    “When your crackpot notions threaten my health, and my right to exist? Absolutely. Pi55 off with your hypocritical biblical notions… right now you bigots would happily discriminate against Christ himself.”
    Oof. sorry about my rant. Yours was SO much better.

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  5. Amen! I feel exactly the same. We have to stand our ground & not back down. My stepson is someone I’ve always liked, have visited many times, etc. but he told my wife, his mom, that he voted for cheato. So I’ve told my wife I never want to see him again. She can go visit or whatever but he has made his decision. He is dead to me.

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  6. So many ways to resist and so much work to do. Some of us can’t march or attend events, but we can still speak up with friends and family, send postcards to reps, call on specific bills and regulations, etc

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  7. Bravo. I’m with you. I will fight for those too afraid or too blinded by loyalties to those who want to keep us down. Stronger together

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  8. I’m with you. I’d never been to a protest march in my life until the one in DC. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do because by then it will be too late. I’m not happy that any of the Dems voted yes to any of Trumps Cabinet picks. They should not have. They had better not vote yes to his Supreme Court nominee either and should be doing everything in their power to stop it. I also don’t care about picking our battles, as far as I’m concerned right now they are all battles. The Republicans are attacking everything, equal rights for anyone not white, rich and male, environment, nothing is sacred to them (except maybe the almighty dollar). Sorry – sort of started my own little rant there 😦

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  9. I’m sick of Dem’s turning the other cheek and just going along for the ride. Sometimes yes, I need improvement working well with others. Especially those others who would just toss up their hands and sigh “oh well”.

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  10. Well said, LM. This is not what I thought I would be doing in my retirement, but once again I am marching in the streets. One way to get involved is to download Indivisible Guide and find a group near you. Also there are many of us introverts from the quiet of our home calling our representatives and senators and our state legislatures. Women’s March on Washington is doing ten actions in 100 days. Sign up for their emails. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good (wo)men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

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  11. So true, Lynette! We need to hold fast to rights, hard-won by heroic folks who have paved the way. Anyone who admonishes caving into pressure from these self-serving haters is thwarting progress.

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  12. I’m with you there! This is why I started page. Please feel free to follow and to post to it as long as the post is pro-women, pro-choice, pro-LGBTQIA, you get my drift. The page is for information, events (please list the state), petition links, actions individuals can take, and so forth. There is a companion twitter @2getherWomenCan We cannot compromise! We cannot back down! We must keep getting up and standing strong for our rights, for civil rights, for human rights. It’s the only thing we can do. No, I won’t compromise; no, I won’t accept the orange headed moron as my president.


  13. I say right on! The party of no obstructs without shame or chagrin, then they want everybody else to accept their crap with equanimity. I say no more ms. nice person! No more turning the other cheek. We don’t have but two and after they’ve been slapped, it’s time to hit back. Like you, I’ve had enough…more than enough. Not even slightly inclined to compromise. I intend to RESIST everything they put forward, to call their “alternative facts” the lies that they are. I think at lot these days of my Foremothers–of Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Fannie Lou Hamer–and try to imagine what they’d make of the ugly orange ooze and his minions who now inhabit the oval office. I’m not sure they’d understand how we got got here, but I am sure they’d RESIST with every fiber of their being. Compromise? Hell no!


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