Ask the Pros with Angela Grace – Puckery

While working in my office I heard:

“Puckery.”        (pause)             “Puckery.”        (pause)

Often, words that are not in my vocabulary float from my wife’s office into mine. Her iMac has a tool that pronounces words.


Because I like to be annoying at times, I repeated the word out loud.

“Puckery.”   “Puckery.”

After I repeated the word “puckery” about ten times because it is a fun word to say, my wife, perhaps slightly irked, walked into my office to inform me the word is NOT “Puckery”.

I objected, “Sounds like Puckery”.

“Honey … it starts with an F”.

“Oooohhhhh”.  Well, that changes everything, doesn’t it?

The current President of the United States (POTUS) and his staff, use Fuckery to disturb our minds and it appears to be working. The term Fuckery was created by Hip Hop artists to describe a type of communication that is beyond “bullshit” and beyond flagrant lies.  Freelance Writer Shawn Hamilton describes Fuckery as “…a lie that is told, not just to achieve an objective, but to demonstrate the power of the person telling the lie relative to those affected by it.  Fuckery throws down a gauntlet:  it is too big to ignore, yet so absurd that it promises to debase anyone who grapples with it.  It makes a mockery of the very ideas of truth”.  Fuckery dictates that the person making the statements believe they are beyond accountability, beyond confrontation.  Fuckery breeds grandiose spectacles. POTUS spews bizarre, false and inaccurate information and expects the world to believe him. Unfortunately, many people do believe him and that puts our safety, security, our health insurance, marriages and freedom at risk.  It’s disturbing.

Are you finding that your mind is not resting?  The language, ideas and actions of POTUS (and his cohort Steven Bannon) has had the worldwide effect of hijacking attention, zapping energy, stressing relationships, fueling fear and specifically for writers, beleaguering creativity by assailing emotions and intellect.  Facebook has been filled with comments from authors struggling to get traction.

Here are some suggestions for coping with Fuckery:

  1. Awareness. Recognize an outlandish statement when you hear it and dismiss it.  You do not need to sort through every absurd comment or tweet.
  2. Where attention goes, energy flows.  The writers who are highly productive take control of time.  If your attention is on tweets, you are not writing.  If your attention is on Facebook posts, you are not writing.  Take control of your time.  Do not willingly give up one second of your time to POTUS nonsense.
  3. Do not waste another moment of your time worrying about things that you do not have control over.  Instead, focus your attention where you can have high impact.
  4. When every American and member of our worldwide community chooses one or two causes to get deeply involved in, all causes will be covered.   Release yourself from your need to fight every cause.  Believe that your neighbor is involved and making a difference.
  5. Join or create a study group: this is a small group of people, each committed to focusing on one significant issue and relaying pertinent information about that issue to the group. This is a way to divide up issues so that no one person is overwhelmed attempting to understand all the issues.

Resist & Persist!

Angela Grace  MA, LLP, BCC, WCS

Optimized Life Coaching



  1. I enjoy your posts, Angela. This one is particularly relevant, with a certifiable narcissist at the helm of the bucking raft. We’re in a comparable position in the UK, blue-collar frustration voting us out of the European family, all our treasured institutions starved of resources and collapsing, and an opposition party without effective leadership and in disarray. Heaven help us all; we just have to do the best we can to hold the line.


  2. Great blog. I don’t often share on social media, but I had to share this! Love the word Fuckery to go along with the title of SCROTUS (So-called Real Leader of the US). Perfect match!


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