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Good Monday morning!

They pay me to say that…

Kidding. 🙂

So, it’s the morning of my blog and I’m in my office early to write it. I’d been doing so well.  I can be grateful however, that I remembered before 4 in the afternoon. It’s happened.

Here’s what’s happening in Vonnie-Land.

At long last… Drum roll please…

I have a new book to giveaway!

It’s been a while. 2 years 3 months to be exact. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience and love while I’ve been recuperating – from both my heart attack and the ensuing results.

Enough of that! It’s passed and – I have a new book to giveaway!


Veterinarian Aislin O’Shea runs a busy clinic. She wasn’t looking for a relationship. She’d already had the perfect one. She certainly wasn’t attracted to fancy pants executive, Ms. Zane Whitman – she wasn’t her type.

Zane Whitman had it all. Stellar career, wealth, exclusive social circle, and models vying for her attention. Impulsive, emotionally charged Aislin was not her type.

Two women from the opposite side of the tracks.
Neither one expects meddling from an unexpected source on the Other side.

Neither one knows the train is coming.

Wait for it.


I had someone ask me the other day about the  names. “Aislin” is “Ace-lyn.”

And Zane happened to be named after her grandfather’s favorite western author, Zane Grey and her twin brother after – Louis L’amour. Cheesy, I know – but such an incredibly me thing to do. 🙂

Meet Me in the Middle has been a labor of love over the last couple of years. Aislin is wonderfully scattered, impulsive, and lovable. When she runs into Zane after a snafu of misunderstanding, sparks fly.

Dignified, predictable, and yes – uptight, Zane gets a lessen in loosening up and Aislin needs to let go of an emotional loss of devastating proportions.

What they don’t know – is that they have a little help from the other side.

Here’s your teaser…


“More tea, dear?” 

“Yes, please.”

Two women sat at a small bistro table, lovely fragrant flowers in a crystal vase between them.

Although seemingly close in age, their appearance was vastly different. On one, golden hair swept from her face in a tasteful updo, tendrils hung in curls around her face. She wore a white, flowing dress in a beautiful red rose pattern, her many diamond rings flashed fire in the sunlight. Two impeccably groomed afghan hounds flanked her chair as she poured the tea, bringing to mind the picture of high society.

Fine china tinkled musically as the other woman, dressed in comfortably worn jeans and a fisherman’s cabled sweater the color of Irish cream. Her locks were hidden under a large black cowboy hat, which also shaded her face. She sat her cup back in the saucer with a graceful hand, wearing only a plain gold band, her appearance a snapshot of down home country.

The women sat in companionable silence as they drank their tea and nibbled on chocolate biscotti.

When their cups were again empty, the scenery changed.

The trees were replaced with soft yellow walls and they sat on an island of brown granite. The dogs sat silently at their feet, the air felt heavy with anticipation and importance.

The woman with the cowboy hat looked around the small cozy kitchen with tears in the corners of her eyes but straightened her back. “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” The blonde asked.

She nodded just as a ball of black and white fur burst into the room and barked furiously at the intruders. He was clearly confused at why the other dogs wouldn’t play, and in fact, ran right through them into the wall.

“Well then,” The blonde said. “Let’s get started, shall we?” She walked over to the kitchen garbage can. “Now?”

The other woman sighed. “Do it.”

A perfectly manicured hand pushed the can over with force, and trash scattered across the floor.

Their eyes met and they smiled at each other before the Afghans, and they themselves, faded away.


I hope you enjoy my foray into romantic comedy (with a tiny kick.) *

I’ve started a new chapter with the gem in lesbian publishing – Sapphire Books Publishing, LLC.  full of awesomely talented authors and I hope you’ll visit us there!

Here’s my author link: me-2016-2

Unfortunately, you have to wait until April until there’s anything on that page – Meet Me in the Middle will be out in print at that time.

In the meantime…  You can pre-order the Kindle edition HEREand find my previous books on my updated Amazon Author page HERE.

Imagine my surprise and appreciation when it went live there was an immediate order within seconds.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now to the whole point 🙂

You can leave a comment below for a chance to win an autographed author copy!

*If  you’re interested in my “dream cast” I have a Pinterest board. – be sure to scroll to the bottom – as my favorite picture is the first I posted 🙂

Have an awesome day and please leave your comments below!  I will announce the winner – on this blog by Friday.



  1. Congratulations Yvonne! It’s always good and welcome news to see your name and ‘new book/story’ in the same sentence. Looking forward to reading it. Best wishes to you, continued success and good health.


  2. I am unable to stop myself from applying for free books. I see the words “BOOK GIVEAWAY” and my brain loses complete control over my fingers as they grab the mouse and start typing. The problem seems twice as bad when the word “Veterinarian” is also spotted because that means ANIMALS and also probably DOGS. I cannot resist a dog, even if it’s a minor character.
    In short, YES PLEASE!!!


  3. This sounds awesome. Please enter me for a chance to win.
    If I don’t I will be buying it though. The Blurb and spoiler are very intriguing.
    Good luck with this book and your sales. I hope you’re already planning the next book. 😀

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  4. Welcome back!!! Missed you something fierce! We have friends who’s daughter is named Aislin and they pronounce in the Celtic Ashlin. I LOVE it! Beautiful name any way you pronounce it! So happy you are back I can’t tell you AND that you’ve got a story to tell is a bonus!


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  5. I love opposite attracts storylines. It builds up some delicious suspense that keeps you turning page after page, way into the early hours of the morning, because you neeeed to know what happens next.

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  6. This book, sounds like a book, that I would stay up all night to read. A fantastic reason for losing some sleep. Yes indeed.


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