Fangirl Friday: omg at ClexaCon!

Hey, kids!


The con is named after the iconic F/F ship of the post-apocalyptic TV show The 100, Clarke and Lexa = Clexa; also, it’s an acknowledgement of all the queer women characters in TV who were killed off last year, and all we’ve lost over the years. Basically, this is the first queer lady in media con and hopefully, it’ll keep right on going.


I’ve been yakkin’ about this quite a bit since I found out it was happening, like, last July and now I am actually here and already I’m pretty sure my head might explode.

For those who have somehow avoided hearing me go on and on about this, it’s a media and entertainment convention for LGBTQ women and allies. So that means there are panels and workshops (check them out right HERE) that deal with all kinds of queer women’s rep in media and associated businesses, actual celebrities on site who will be doing appearances and signing autographs and taking photos with people; some will also be doing workshops.

Perhaps you are interested in who of the celebrity folk are going to be in attendance? CLICK THIS LINK.

They include actress Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley, the WayHaught relationship from Wynonna Earp; Zoie Palmer, actress from Lost Girl and Dark Matters; Amy Acker from Person of Interest; Alice Wu, director of the film Saving Face…the list goes on, my friends. Hit that link I gave you to see.

And there is EVEN MORE. Vendors. Meetups. Fangirling galore. Holy hell. Go check out the site to see.

I got into Vegas around noon Pacific Time on Thursday (the con is at Bally’s on the strip) and holy shit this place is a sensory overload. Slot machines everywhere, people all, “BUY THIS TICKET TO GO SEE THIS THING OMG YOU MUST” and the traffic is starting to make me feel like it’s L.A. Already, I’ve met some great people, including the cabal (lol) of women behind the scenes who came up with this idea and then freaking pulled it off. I’ll be speaking with one of the primary organizers in the next day or two and post about that. She’s going to give me the story of how this came to be, and I’ll let y’all know.

Thursday evening I met up with some folks I know from the Twitterz and we went to the “badge party” at The Phoenix, a local gay bar here in Vegas. That is, we went to pick up our badges and network/meet new people. Already I’ve met a veritable slew of folks, including a young graphic artist who is way into comics who I hope decides to do a blog with us in the future…oh, and there was director Alice Wu chillin’ at the bar with all of us. And then holy crap the group BETTY out of New York was there and did a surprise song for us. They’re also participating in ClexaCon and are doing a workshop tomorrow.

Unstoppable activists, the women of BETTY use their music for humanitarian outreach: working for equal rights, peace & aid, and the empowerment of girls & women. Since forming in 1986, they are most proud about being part of many hundreds of events that have improved lives, helped change policy and raised millions of dollars for worthy causes, research and people in need. Named Arts Envoys in 2012, the trio works with the U.S. State Department internationally in Cultural Diplomacy. BETTY and their music have been featured on national and international radio, television, films, commercials, jingles, web projects, as guests on recordings, compilation albums and in live theater, including the smash Off-Broadway hit directed by Michael (Rent, Next To Normal) Greif, BETTY Rules. They do. (from the BETTY website)

BETTY in India, 2013. From left: Elizabeth Alyson, and Amy. (source)
BETTY in India, 2013. From left: Elizabeth Alyson, and Amy. (source)

I’m moderating a panel today (Friday) on queer lady business at 2.30 PST. Here’s the description:

How can you create and succeed with a business that markets to LGBTQ geek women in an ethical way? Join women-owned businesses that have women at the core of their business model. Hear how they work to stay afloat and grow without being exploitative or seduced by the almighty dollar. Discuss how can giving back through philanthropy be a central part of a successful business model. Come to learn, and get all up in our queer lady business!

Sound like fun? I’m looking forward to it! Speaking of, the panel includes the two awesome women who started Fangirl Shirts — I interviewed them for a Fangirl Friday back in October. I’ll be helping them set up this morning (never a dull moment! WOOO!). Also, I found out Sapphire Books is here doing a vendor table, so I’ll pop by there to say howdy, too.

Whew. So that’s what I’m up to at the moment. I’ll be letting folks know what’s going on here, Facebook, Twitter, and my Tumblr.

So, yes, I’m running around per usual, but I’ll share the luv with you!

Happy Friday and may The Force be with you!


  1. Wow. All those workshops look fascinating. If they do this next year I think I may take a valium to deal with my crowd issues and then check this con out. And the guest list rocked too. Lost girl in da house. yay! Maybe I’m not reading it right, but are the people who played Clexa actually there? Anyway glad your fangirl dreams are coming true. Enjoy it!! Wish you could record some of those fanfiction to lesfiction classes and other lesfic stuff. Have a blast!


    • No, Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey are not in the house. Nobody from The 100 is here, that I know about. I’m going to chalk it up to scheduling conflicts, since the cast do tons of appearances throughout the year.

      I want to be clear that the fandom supports ET and ADC and the cast, who have publicly been supportive of LGBTQ people and queer rep, but there are numerous grumblings about the showrunner and the debacle of Lexa’s death and the fulfillment of the kill the gays trope and the queerbaiting on the part of the showrunner and others. So who knows? Maybe it would’ve been awkward for cast to show up and have to address these things while still being cast, y’now? Plus, ADC left the show over a year ago and has gone on to other things. She is the actress that will always be associated with the Lexa half of Clexa, but since she hasn’t been with the show for practically an eon in fan years and hasn’t been making appearances as that character or as a rep of the show (which makes sense, since she’s no longer with the show), that might have played into her decision not to show up.

      But I will say that if ADC got a wild hair and showed up at ClexaCon in, say, full Lexa regalia, I…holy crap. I don’t even know what I would do. The entire fandom would collapse with the feelz, no doubt. LOL

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  2. Some of my favorite times of my life have been when I had a press pass around my neck. I can’t wait to hear ALL about it! Count me in next year!


  3. Sounds amazing and I would certainly consider scheduling my annual trip to Vegas around that time to take in the conference. Some of the regular GCLS attendees are indicating they would pass on next year’s (2018) conference because it is in Vegas. Now that you are there for this conference it would be interesting to hear/read your take on that.


  4. I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a fan of Vegas in general. But if you get outside the Strip, it’s not too bad. I’m a desert dawg, so I love desert. The Strip, however — as you know — is expensive, packed with tourists, and you’re freaking nickel-and-dimed to death on it (though some of it is interesting). Plus, I’m not a fan of the constant slot machine stuff every place you go. Every.Place.You.Go. There were slot machines embedded in the counter of the bar last night. Seriously.

    And that’s not my thing. I know it’s the thing for a lot of people, and that’s fine. But if it’s not your thing, it’s a little off-putting. Also, smoking is still allowed in the casino levels of the hotels. Which means if you don’t smoke, you’re basically smoking anyway every time you walk through the lobby to get to the elevators to go to your room. And the smell clings to your clothes and hair. I will say that the smoking seems to have greatly decreased here from the last time I was in Vegas (a few years ago). Then, you could literally see clouds of smoke as you walked through hotel lobbies. Now, not so much. Then again, it’s quite pleasant outside so perhaps people are simply outside more and smoking more outside. I really wish the casino areas were closed off from the lobbies, but alas. Such is not the case.

    So on the Strip, it’s basically an adult Disney World and people are constantly trying to sell you tickets to various shows (of which there are quite a few), drinks and food are overpriced (I think), and the hotels try to ensure that you’re going to spend money. I don’t have a fridge in my room, for example, which means I can’t stock perishables (I’m a big fan of having yogurt around, e.g.).

    Having said that, just because a conference is in Vegas doesn’t mean it’ll change whether I go or not. If it’s a conference I really want to attend, Vegas isn’t going to scare me away. However, it IS expensive, so budget and plan accordingly. 😀

    But hell, you know all this. I’m saying it for the benefit of everyone else. LOL


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