Hot off the Press and Coming Attractions lists, April 2017

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WTF with this April crap? I CAN’T EVEN! We’re already talking about April books? Seems like just yesterday the apocalypse started. At least we still have books.

Did y’all see that episode of Twilight Zone with Burgess Meredith, where he plays this mousy banker and all he wants to do all day is read and his wife treats him really badly because of it and then BOOM there’s a nuclear attack (hate it when that happens) and he was safe in a bank vault reading over a break, so he survives. And then he goes outside and there’s nobody, but some buildings survived and he’s all, “woo! Reading time!” and he goes to the library (still intact in places) and he’s about to settle in for some reading (srsly…post-apocalyptic reading) and NOOOOOO he breaks his glasses, and he can’t see shit without them.

Not sure there’s really a moral to that story. I guess it would be something like reading is great, but don’t be a dick. Or something.

Anyway! Reading is great! And it doesn’t necessarily make you a dick, even in the apocalypse.

And if you’re an author/publisher/reader who knows of a book coming out soon or that is already out, drop us a a line at the contact page to get it on our radar. Please remember to tell us in the subject line that you want to add a book to our new releases/coming attractions list. We’re easily confused. Thanks!

Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. The Twilight Zone…a favorite show from my past…a Friday night ritual, along with TV Time popcorn. Thanks for the memories, Andi. Your posts never fail to make me smile. Love your sense of humor…srsly.

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  2. What Renee said! As is so often the case, your post made me smile and feel good about my obsession with reading and books. Although the Twight Zone was a touch too scary for me (the over the top, out of this world Outer Limits was more my speed).

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  3. Wait, you made a Twilight Zone reference AND listed my book in new releases? This might be my favorite post ever.

    Thanks, Andi!

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