Nothing Like a Little Disney to Warm a Minnesotan’s Heart!

So this post isn’t necessarily about words, although it is about women. Well, I guess I’m using words to write, so words are involved after all. I’ve fled 7 degrees above zero and snow in back Minnesota for the slightly humid, balmy warmth of Orlando. Yeah, hello spring break! I’m down here with my usual spring break cronies and besties Angel, kid Kayla, and my wife-a-roni, Betty.

Spring Break 2017 Group

We’ve had a good time perusing the various Disney properties. So far we’ve hit the Animal Kingdom, which was fun until a migraine took me down.

Spring break 2017 flamingo

Then we hit the Magic Kingdom, which was huge. Literally. That place was massive. The crowds were massive. It was hot. But the castle was amazing!

Spring break 2017 me and betty magic kingdom flowers

spring break 2017 magic kingdom castle

Today we unleashed ourselves on Hollywood Studios. That was a lot of fun and reminded me a lot of film stuff from the 1950s.

Spring Break 2017 Hollywood

Tonight, after we left Hollywood Studios, we decided to try out the Boston Lobster Fest, a restaurant I wanted to check out the last three times we were here.

Spring Break 2017 Lobster

It ended well. Except for the lobster. Poor guy. But he tasted pretty darn good.

So my hope for this vacation is that I’m fresh and ready to get started on my new novel when we get home. Inspiration hasn’t been a problem, but time has. Life gets in the way of words, but experiences help the words flow. So….away we go!!!


  1. Next time you’re in Orlando, come visit us in Gulfport, about 2 hours from there. We’re a very lesbian-friendly little town (Florida’s answer to P’Town) south of St. Petersburg. Or, if you have time this visit, let me know!

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