Fangirl Friday: Things you might want to check out

Hey, kids —

I’m currently on the road (AGAIN…sigh) and haven’t had a chance to watch or engage much with fangirling (BOO), but I have noted a few things of awesome y’all might want to take a gander at.


Wynonna Earp, Season 2 starts June 9. Also, Season 1 will be streaming on Netflix April 1 (THAT’S TOMORROW! COMMENCE BINGE-ING!). And, as an aside, I fangirled it last summer.

Wynonna Earp (left, played by Melanie Scrofano) and Waverly Earp, played by Dominique Provost-Chalkley

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead‘s Season 3 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we’re all expecting it sometime this summer, though it could actually drop in May. There are 16 episodes in the season, which should finish before The Walking Dead’s season 8 cranks up in October. FTWD got really interesting at the end of S2 with the showdown on the Mexican border with a bunch of vigilantes who seem to think that border patrolling still matters in an apocalypse. I’m intrigued to find out how that pans out.

Utterly gratuitous photo of Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark in Fear the Walking Dead

Orphan Black Season 5 premieres on June 10 at BBC America (which is where I’ve been finishing S4). This is the final season, which fills me with the sadz. Hopefully this’ll be a solid end to a fabulous show. If you’re wondering what it’s about, I fangirled about it a few weeks back.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 drops on Netflix June 9. Something else for you to binge over there!

iZombie season 3 premieres April 4 on the CW. I admit I’ve fallen behind on this show, but I like the premise. There are zombies among us, and Rose McIver as medical examiner assistant Olivia Moore (and ZOMBIE) lends a clever twist to the whole zombie thing. In Moore’s case, eating the brains of the dead helps keep her from going full-on walking dead, but it also allows her to “see” the lives of the people who died, so she’s able to solve crimes. She has to hide this aspect of herself form most of her friends and family (obvious reasons), but a select few know her secret.


CW’s The 100 was picked up for a fifth season. If you’re watching it this season, you’re probably wondering what the hell else the intrepid survivors have left to deal with. Presumably, you’ll find out in S5. On a personal note, I have a love/hate relationship with this show, and still haven’t forgiven it for what happened to Lexa and Lincoln. But I do enjoy some of the other characters and I still like the whole idea of it. Still, viewership for it has been steadily dropping, not just since Lexa’s death, but also throughout Season 4. Anyway, we’ll see what other hells the characters have to deal with.

Supergirl was renewed for a third season, and that is expected to debut this fall, around October. Rumor is that the Lena Luthor character will get much more play, but I’m hearing concern in the fandoms that she’ll be made evil, which really bums me out if that’s the case. I think she’d be a great antihero and she’s a nice compass (and flirt!) for Kara. Quite a few in the fandoms aren’t happy, either, with the Mon-el/Kara pairing. I’ve voiced my agreement with some of that, but in other good news about Supergirl, the Sanvers relationship appears to be one of the healthiest on TV right now, though it’s been back-benched and maybe gets 4 minutes an episode, if that. There’s also concern that Kara is no longer the focus of the show, and that’s got some fandoms grumbling. Guess we’ll see how this pans out…

The CW’s The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were also renewed, for seasons 4 and 3, respectively. Legends of Tomorrow is a lot of fun. It’s a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash and involves time-traveler Rip Hunter, who assembles a team of superheroes to save the world and time itself, so there’s time-jumping going on. The series also has Sara Lance as a character (White Canary) and she’s openly bi.

Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), in Legends of Tomorrow

Also on the CW, Arrow was renewed for Season 6 and that long-time bastion of fun and angst, Supernatural, is up for Season 13. Arrow is bringing original cast member Katie Cassidy (Black Siren) on as a season regular.

The kick-ass space opera Killjoys was renewed for a third season on SyFy, but so far, we’re not sure when the premiere is, but it’s sometime this year! I fangirled about this one, too. Oh, and there will be new cast members as well as returning ones!

SyFy’s Dark Matter (another space opera) was also renewed for a season 3, but no date has been announced, yet, for when this year that will be. Most likely it’ll be this summer, but that’s just a guess. I dig the premise of this one, too. Six crew of a derelict space ship wake up from stasis and they have no idea how they got there or who they are. So they have to figure out how to make this work while dealing with all kinds of threats, internal and external.

The fate of NBC’s fantasy adaptation of Oz, Emerald City, remains up in the air as of March 30. I liked a lot of the initial set-up in this, and the way the show was exploring gender identity through a character that may or may not be trans. I will say that some of the pacing seemed to slow down, but perhaps another season could help with that. We’ll see what NBC decides to do.

Anyway, for a full list of TV shows across the networks that have been renewed, check HERE.


Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19. More from the Alien franchise, this one is also directed by Ridley Scott and though it borrows from its predecessors in some respects — colonization mission to a different planet, find weird alien ship with strange egg things and all hell breaks loose — it has a few different elements. Like the really idyllic planet’s surface and what looks like some kind of tiny insect parasite thing in one of the trailers. It’s that sci fi/horror thing, and that combo generally works in this franchise. Not sure I’ll see it in the theaters, but if you’re a fan of these, get ready.

Atomic Blonde: Charlize Theron is starring in the movie adaptation of the graphic novel The Coldest City, titled Atomic Blonde and may I just say, holy crapamoli, my friends. This one is at the top of my must-see list. It drops July 28. Theron plays a spy called to Cold War Berlin to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and to find a list of double agents. Along the way, she has a super-hot tryst with another woman. So…yeah. Put this one on your things-to-do-in-July list.

Charlize Theron (left) as Lorraine and Sophia Boutella (right) as Sandrine, Atomic Blonde

Ghost in the Shell, with Scarlett Johanssen in the lead role, just released this week. It’s an adaptation of a 1989 manga comic series that became a 1995 classic anime film that was a hit in Japan and also a hit on video in America.

The premise is that the main character is cyber-enhanced after an accident and becomes a super-soldier charged with stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals. Not necessarily a new plot, by any means, but the story is designed to get you thinking about cyber-enhancement, the ethics and morality therein, and what it means to be human. There’s a bit of controversy around Johanssen in the lead role because she’s not Asian, but I wonder if she was tapped, too, because of her performance in 2014’s Lucy, in which she played a woman who was able to tap more parts of her brain than humans normally use, giving her amazing abilities. Here, too, computers played a role, and the nature of humans. I’ll probably be seeing it and doing a Fangirl Friday on it.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is slated for a May 5 release and I admit, I’m looking forward to this one because I really enjoyed the first one. A totally goofy, fun space opera romp with snappy dialogue, lots of action, and great, quirky music. The second one looks to be more of the same. Seems like fun high fluff. Plus, baby Groot and a snarky talking raccoon. How could you not want to see that?

Logan (Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine) is still playing, and dammit, I’ve been on the road so much that I have not been able to see this. Hoping to do so soon, before it leaves theaters. It’s based on the graphic novel Old Man Logan, whose premise is an alternative Earth where supervillains overthrew the superheroes and Logan is an aging Wolverine. In the movie, it’s 2029, and mutants are dying out. An aging Logan works as a chauffeur in Texas, and he cares for Xavier with another mutant just across the Mexican border. One day, he’s charged with escorting an 11-year-old girl, Laura, to a place in North Dakota dubbed “Eden.” Turns out the girl is a lot like Logan and there are people hunting her…

Dafne Keen as Laura in Logan

The Mummy is scheduled for release June 9. Starring Tom Cruise, it’s about an ancient Egyptian princess who is awakened (damn, I hate it when that happens!) and she brings, like, the malevolence of a thousand pissed-off demons to life. The trailer looks freaky-scary. And yeah, Tom Cruise can be kinda…whatever. He still makes a dang good action hero.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is scheduled for a May 26 release. This one’s another installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and here, Johnny Depp reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, this time in search of Poseidon’s trident. He’s going up against an old nemesis, the scary Captain Salazar, who has escaped from the Devil’s Triangle. After the third and fourth ones (which I just cannot bond with), this one looks like they’re going back to their roots, which means probably more fun and fantastical, with cool action.

Spiderman: Homecoming will be in theaters July 7 and it focuses on a young Peter Parker trying to balance his life in high school with his powers as Spiderman. So it’s apparently an origin story of sorts. Check out the trailer to see.

After seeing the trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes (July 14), I’m still rooting for the apes. LOL This is the third chapter in the franchise, and here Caesar is forced into a battle with a ruthless colonel (played by Woody Harrelson!). It’s got an apocalyptic feel to it, because the penultimate battle decides the fate of the world, basically.

Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne)

I’m looking forward to Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which is an adaptation of a French comic book series, Valérian and Laureline, first published in 1967. The final installment was in 2010. The series, influenced by classic sci fi literature, features the two characters traveling through space and time and getting into trouble and trying to get out of said trouble. Director Luc Besson, who also wrote films like The Fifth Element and Taken 2, is behind this movie, which is scheduled for July 21, but don’t hold me to that date. The posters are all saying “July,” so I could be making that date up though I saw it somewhere. Anyway, here, special agents Valerian and Laureline are called to find out what threatens Alpha, home to species from a thousand species, and save the world. Because who doesn’t want to do that in a kick-ass space opera?

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2 and from what I’m seeing and hearing, it’s highly anticipated. I’m really excited for it because I love Gal Godot’s portrayal of her, but I’m also approaching this with some trepidation because it’s a DC/Warner Bros. adaptation and where movies are concerned, DC just can’t seem to make a lot of these work. Also, Greg Rucka, who’s currently writing the DC comic, said back in September that Wonder Woman is bi, and apparently DC was fine with that but the movie is having none of that, so there you go. That is, not really any reference to her sexuality. But nevertheless, it’s freaking WONDER WOMAN. So damn right I’ll be lining up to see it.


So there you go, friends and fellow fangirls/boys/bois/folk! If you know of something, please share it in the comments!

Happy Friday and may The Force be with you.


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    I highly recommend Killjoys and Dark Matter is also good. Also, if you haven’t started watching it, The Expanse on SyFy is quite good. The first season is available on Netflix though you can watch full episodes on if you have cable.

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