Take a Ride with Dirt Road Books

Take a Ride with Dirt Road Books
Andi Marquette and Jove Belle

Greetings, fellow travelers! Some of you may already have discovered that Jove and I have been up to something once again! Those of you who are not in the know, well, you get to find out right here at Women and Words.



We banded together with four other awesome women – R.G. Emanuelle, Gill McKnight, Blythe Rippon, and Michelle Teichman — to launch a publishing company.

That’s right. A publishing company!

So how did this happen, you’re probably asking. Lots of others are also asking that same question. And Jove and I were going to tell you all about that right here at Women and Words, but then we all decided that each of us at DRB should tell her own story.

You can find out how the six of us managed to find our way to each other and launch this venture over at the Dirt Road Books blog, because this week all six of us – the Original 6 – are sharing our stories, one a day.

What we will tell you here at Women and Words is that Dirt Road Books is a labor of love, a cornucopia o’ collaboration, and several metric tons of teamwork. Oh, and a plethora of passion, which means DRB is not like other publishing houses.

Heh. How could it be? Jove and Andi are involved, and if you know anything about us and you’ve hung out at Women and Words for any amount of time, you know we tend to do things a little differently. We like sharing. We like caring. We like giving back to our communities. And we like laughing.

We managed to find four others who also like these things, and who are willing to do things a little differently and work together as a team.

That’s why Dirt Road Books functions as a cooperative, because the six of us believe in that approach and we believe in each other.

All six of us founded it, all six of us own it, all six of us work in it. We are a collective of authors, editors, marketers, cover designers, and project managers who decided to pool our knowledge and resources and publish awesome books, have fun, and give back to our communities in whatever ways we can.

So here we go, friends. We hope you take a ride with us. The adventure is just beginning.




  1. Awesome!!! I found out about Dirt Road Books on the Facebook group Lesbian books,writers and readers and I’m thrilled to know that six really talented women are running it! I’ll definitely be checking out the blog daily to read about your stories.

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  2. This is fabulous news! Congratulations to you all! Another source for good lesfic reads is a welcome thing indeed. Best wishes to you and may your future publications find many good and loving homes around the world, in both personal and municipal libraries alike.


  3. Congratulations to all of you! It’s like the three musketeers. Only there are six of you. All for one and one for all – armed with talent, hope and a sense of adventure!


  4. Congratulations! Like the look and can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with! Wishing you all the luck in the world. ⚘🍹


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