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I LOVE action movies. And superhero movies are my favorite kind. Whenever a new Marvel/DC/Whoever movie comes out, I practically run to the theater to throw my money at the cashier kids wisely protected behind the plexi-glass. Granted, unless a movie is about one of my tried and true favorites –Storm, Wonder Woman, Vampirella – I can be pretty skeptical about shelling out full price dollars to see them. Although I’m always open to a little convincing. Like when they announced The Avengers/Captain America movies, I was the first (maybe only) person with a WTF??! reaction. I mean, who is this Captain America dude and why should we care? But since seeing the movies, I’ve become a fan of Steve Rogers, especially in the context of his boundless love for his best friend (and perhaps lover) Bucky Barnes. The fan-fiction spawned by Captain America alone has been worth the price of my first movie ticket a thousand times over.

My middle school reading material

Before the Avenger movies came around, I was all about the X-Men. Professor X and the gang are pretty much everyone’s fave and, although I like to sometimes think I’m a special snowflake, I fangirl hard over them just like everyone else.

Storm (although NOT the Halle Berry version, thank you very much) is utter perfection. Her elemental powers are tremendous, not to mention tremendously under-rated, and her Afropunk rock look is positively knee-weakening. Sadly, her treatment in the X-Men movies has been pretty crap. If all you know of her is based on these films then you’d swear all Storm does is float around in bad weather while her eyes turn white. And while talking in an unconvincing and generic “African” accent. Despite this utter disrespect, I’m still waiting for her to get her own movie. Maybe after Black Panther comes out and kicks ass at the box office, the Hollywood machine will see fit to highlight Storm, one of the most impressive – and gorgeous – superheroes around.

Shattered-by-Lee-WinterAlthough I adore watching these super women in action on the big screen, there’s still nothing like curling up with a good book. With their upcoming Superheroines Collection of novels, Ylva Publishing has me covered. The first book in the series, Lee Winter’s Shattered, will be out in June and I can NOT wait! Hot female superheroes who fall in love with other women and save the world at the same damn time? Sign me up at least twice.

By not coincidence, I also have a book coming out in the Superheroines Collection later this year. The book, called The Power of Mercy, is very much about bad ass women who take no prisoners and are all about girl-on-girl action. More about that, including the cover reveal, a little later down the road. But for now, I’m eagerly anticipating getting my fix with Shattered on my ereader and Wonder Woman in the movie theaters this summer.

By the way, Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2nd.
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My own superhero novel, Rise of the Rain Queen.


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