The Unstoppable March

The funny thing about time, the older you get, the faster it seems to go. My mom told me that when I was little and I was sure she was lying. Now, at 46, I realize this is one more in the long list of things my mom was actually right about.

Before I go further with this blog, I should first apologize for being so quiet lately. Wednesdays are, for the most part, my responsibility. Carsen Taite blogs one Wednesday a month, and I get the rest. But then the rest of life starts gnawing away at my time and the next thing you know, Wednesday has come and gone with no blog happening.

This week, I remembered before Thursday arrived. I know, it’s exciting.

So, what have I been up to? Let’s take a look!

Writing and editing projects

  • At long last, I finally finished Bitterroot Queen. Now I’m working on the edits and, I have to tell you, my editor is kicking my ass all over the manuscript. For those who are uncertain, that’s a really good thing.
  • Any day now, I should find Friends in High Places by Andi Marquette in my inbox. This is an extended remix of the first book in her space opera series, Far Seek Chronicles. She’s been working though all my recommended changes, probably cursing me for all the red.
  • And, the fabulous KD Williamson is hard at work on her upcoming release, Pink. We are doing an edit as we go type of deal because KD really likes to see her writing all marked up and misses the red if she doesn’t get a regular dose of it.

Business ventures

  • A few weeks ago, Dirt Road Books, a publishing collective, launched. The collective is made up of me, Andi Marquette, R.G. Emanuelle, Gill McKnight, Blythe Rippon, and Michelle L. Teichman. This has kept all six of us pretty busy, as you might imagine. If you’d like to keep up with our comings and goings, you can sign up for our newsletter.

Travel plans

  • Of course I plan to make the trip to Chicago this summer for GCLS to rep Dirt Road Books, along with Andi, RG, and Michelle. Come by and see us!


  • Andi Marquette and I podcast a once a week show that reviews the happenings of the week here at Women and Words. The show is hosted on The Lesbian Talk Show podcast channel. Want to listen? Check out our available episodes.
  • In addition to our regular bi-weekly podcast featured on The Lesbian Talk Show, Blythe Rippon and I have added a new feature to Badass Women Save Themselves. As a tribute to the shows we find really compelling, we’ve started an episode by episode podcast. So far, we’ve featured The 100, season 4. Upcoming shows will be Pretty Little Liars (last 12 episodes of the series), Game of Thrones, and anything else that catches our fancy in the moment.

That’s enough for now, isn’t it? Now I’m going to head off on a few errands that have nothing to do with writing, editing, or publishing.

What about the rest of you? What have you been up to?




  1. wow sounds like you have been very very busy. As we all know life does seem to catch up with you if your not paying attention. Thanks for blogging this week and keep up the good work your doing.

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